WATCH Zayn - #PILLOWTALK [@zaynmalik]
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Watch Zayn – PILLOWTALK Music Video

Well Zayn (Malik) has gone back to #black with his new single PILLOWTALK which is sure to have 1D fans hearing lyrics they have never been exposed to before. This is straight pure new style R&B with a video to match, so it will be very exciting to see what the album is like and what collaborations will be on it.

For me personally it’s a tiny bit to hard to swallow especially with many artists like Nick Jonas now coming on this wave, what ever happened to the people who actually started out their careers in r&b and never made it. It seems now to make it in this genre you have to go pop and then transform into a soul/R&B star and say that’s what you grew up listening to and been the real you from the beginning.

That was a bit harsh but to be honest, a good song is a good song so I give credit to Zayn and Nick alike because I can’t say it doesn’t sound great. I must say though…. I do miss the days when R&B male stars were black.