It’s that time of year again when the trailers for all the hotly-anticipated movies are released. Oh, and there was also that final match of the NFL that has been culminating since the end of last summer. But that’s sport – we’re not here for sport.

Superior to all other trailers, the Super Bowl trailers are short and expensive, revealing just enough without spoiling the plot. So, without further ado, here are the films (and the odd TV show) that as lucky enough to take centre stage at this year’s Super Bowl.


A Cure for Wellness 

At first watch, it’s likely you’ll have no idea what this trailer is about. All I could make out was that it’s set in a hospital and looks a bit weird. Upon further research, turns out it’s about a “wellness centre” where every patient has been diagnosed with the same mysterious illness for which they are all waiting for the cure. Eerie.


Ghost in the Shell 

Manga and anime fans delight. The Ghost in the Shell follows the members of Public Security Section 9, a special-operations task-force made up of former military officers and police detectives. This live-action adaptation stars Scarlett Johansson as Major, a cyborg counter-cyberterrorist field commander (say that ten times fast), who must lead her Section 9 team against a saboteur to artificial intelligence technology.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2

Our first dose of Marvel movie magic this year comes from the sequel to 2014’s genius and entertaining Guardians of the Galaxy. From the trailer, it looks like it will be full of action and humour, and will hopefully have a soundtrack that’s just as funky as the first film. The cast includes space bandit Yondu (Michael Rooker) and newbie Mantis (Pom Klementieff). Baby Groot also makes an appearance- which we all want to see.


John Wick Chapter 2 

A sequel to the 2014 film starring Keanu Reeves which was about a man seeking retribution on the men who killed his puppy. Yes, really. I’m not sure if this film will see him seeking revenge for the death of another beloved pet, but it does look as though it will be full of heart-pounding action scenes. So, fun to watch while stuffing your face with popcorn.



A sci-fi thriller with a great sounding cast including Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Reynolds. Set on a space station where a team of scientist discover a new life form, it looks like the life form decides to go all Alien and Ripley on the team leading to some good old space scares.



The tenth X-Men film  looks as though it will be darker and grittier than its predecessors, and sees our beloved Wolverine and Prof. X looking worse for wear in a desert. I am a massive fan of the X-Men franchise and I am interested to see how this film will differ from the others.


The Fate of the Furious 

I have never watched a single Fast and Furious film. I’m sure they’re exciting to watch – I just think they look kind of pointless, but whatever. I must admit that the eighth installment looks funny and action packed, and almost tempts me to go and binge watch all of the others. Almost. All you need to know is that this film stars three bald men (Johnson, Statham, and Diesel), sexy ladies, fast cars, and explosions.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 

Another sequel, (notice a pattern yet?), the fifth Pirates film sees Captain Jack Sparrow in some deep shit, again (this time, think ghost pirates.)  Some might want them to stop making Pirates films, but I would be happy for them to keep making them ’til the day I die. This sequel looks spectacularly entertaining and eerie – oh and Orlando Bloom is back, so there is that.


Transformers: The Last Knight 

Yep, another sequel. It’s the fifth Transformers film and the second starring Mark Wahlberg.  This film may be attempting something with more importance as its premise involves them trying to explain why the Transformers keep coming to Earth.


The Handmaid’s Tale 

A TV series adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s book of the same name, it tells the story of a dystopian world where all woman’s rights seem to be abolished and ‘handmaids’ are assigned to men solely for reproductive purposes. An interesting and terrifying idea which has hopefully been adapted well with actors such as Elisabeth Moss, Samira Wiley, Joseph Fiennes, and Gilmore Girls‘ Alexis Bledel taking on roles.


Stranger Things, Season 2 

In my opinion, Stranger Things was one of the best things to come from Netflix last year; a series that combined all the elements of great 80s films and TV. We’re finally going to return to the upside-down this Halloween and from the look of the trailer, the second season will have more of everything – more 80s homage, more horror, and more monster.