'Slasher' Review (TV Series)
Shock Factor
Plot Development

Predictable and lackluster, Slasher is horrific for all the wrong reasons…

Slasher is a Canadian horror TV series created by producer and writer Aaron Martin. The first season of this show features a killer named ‘The Executioner’ who terrorises a small Canadian town by killing its inhabitants by means originating from the Bible.

The very first scene sees a young husband and his heavily pregnant wife on Halloween night discussing staying home or going to a party. Before you know it, a crazed killer has gutted the husband and given the wife a DIY c-section. The police finally arrive to find the killer rocking in a chair as he cradles the baby in his arms. Should’ve gone to the party.

not so great acting and predictable twists

Fast-forward 28 years and British actress Katie McGrath stars as leading lady Sarah whose parents were the victims of this first Executioner 28 years ago. Now in present day, Sarah acts as detective as she tries to figure out who is copycatting the original Executioner and why. Some might recognise McGrath from the successful BBC fantasy drama Merlin in which she played Morgana. From McGrath’s performance as Morgana I initially rated her as a top-notch actress, but in Slasher, not so much. I almost cringe at every line she says, but that might have something to do with her accent. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be Canadian or American; I can’t really tell the difference. Regardless, every so often McGrath will slip into her native Irish accent which makes her dialogue sound choppy and odd, like C3-PO.

One of the only positive notes I can make about Slasher is that it has attempted to depart from the typical formula of the slasher genre, but since it’s called itself Slasher I’ll let you decide if that’s actually a good thing.

Most slasher films feature a final girl; the leading lady whose friends/family drop dead around her until the end of the film where she confronts the killer and probably defeats him somehow. The character of Sarah attempts to depart from this by actively attempting to unmask the killer, Scooby Doo style.

Also, most slasher films/series I can think of involve a group of horny teenagers as the killer’s victims of choice. However, in Slasher all the main cast are older adults with legit lives and jobs. Instead of juggling homework and babysitting with their friends dropping like flies, they are juggling work life and paying bills…with their friends dropping like flies.

After my initial excitement over a TV series named after one of my favourite subgenres, I found the characters and acting to be lacklustre. Slasher does have some shocking and captivating plotlines; it just suffers from not-so-great acting and the predictable twists overshadow the shocking ones.

In the end, the only reason I continued to watch was because I wanted to know who the killer was. And I could have Googled that, I guess. A much better series in the same vein is Scream: The TV Series which I would much more highly recommend over Slasher.