What better way to welcome the New Year than with a binge watch? From shiny new dramas to golden favourites, here’s the best of the small screen in 2017:

Still Star-Crossed

no UK broadcaster as of yet 

From the genius that is Shonda Rhimes comes her newest TV endeavour. At present, Shondaland is throwing out clever and provocative shows including Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, and Scandal. Still Star-Crossed is a little different to Rhimes’ other modern day profession-oriented shows as it is a sequel to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s cousin Rosaline and Romeo’s cousin Benvolio are forced into a betrothal in an attempt to end the feud that cost the young lovers their lives.

Emerald City

Early 2017 on 5Star

Described as a darker, edgier re-telling of the Land of Oz ­book series by L. Frank Baum, Emerald City stars Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona as a 20-year-old Dorothy Gale from the modern day. Dorothy finds herself whisked off to Oz in a storm, but from the look of things, the show isn’t going to be a happy little skip along a yellow brick road with ditzy scarecrows and cowardly lions. In fact, the “scarecrow” looks a little sexy. Just saying.


Jan 7th on BBC One

Tom Hardy is a fantastic actor from the big screen taking on transformative roles from playing physically intimidating Bane and Charles Bronson to both of The Kray twins. Hardy decides to grace our smaller screens at the beginning of the new year in BBC drama miniseries  Taboo as a 19th-century British adventurer who returns from Africa to avenge the death of his father after inheriting his shipping empire.

The Defenders

On Netflix sometime after Iron Fist has aired in March

Netflix has slowly been building a TV version of The Avengers with Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage all currently available to watch in their entirety. Iron Fist is joining the Marvel TV series team come March 2017 to complete Marvel’s The Defenders. These four super-vigilantes find themselves teaming up to save New York City from an imminent threat. I guess The Avengers must be busy or something.

Sherlock season 4

New Years Day 2017

I feel like I have been waiting 3 years for a new full season of Sherlock – oh wait, I have. We were graced with a one-off special on New Year’s Day 2016, but haven’t had a full season since the beginning of 2014. Regardless, on New Year’s Day, the fourth season begins where we will see how Moriarty being “back” will affect Sherlock and Watson. As well as how Sherlock will adjust to Watson having a new baby.

Game of Thrones season 7

27th June 2017 on Sky Atlantic

An end to one of the most successful TV shows in history is in sight, as it has been confirmed that season 8 in 2018 will be its last. But until that sad day we still have seven episodes in the brutal lands of Westeros and Essos to shock us during 2017. Storylines and plots will really start to come to ahead as writers know the end is coming, which hopefully promises some long-awaited character reunions.

The Leftovers season 3

mid to late 2017, Sky Atlantic 

The final season of a show with one of the most intriguing premises I’ve watched. The first season dealt with how the world would respond and adapt if 2% of the population vanished suddenly – not kidnapped, not dead. Just gone. The second season further explored how people cope after knowing that 140 million people vanished without a trace, this time focussing on the only town in the world that didn’t lose a single person. In response to this ‘Sudden Departure’ cults are born, mainstream religions question themselves, and scientists are baffled. Not much has been revealed about the final season, other than that it will be set in Australia as opposed to the U.S. like the previous seasons.