It’s not the be all and end all for some students but for many, nights out are a massive part of student life. Once (or twice) a week you will trek on down to the club of your choosing and twerk/grind/whip nae nae while possibly being so inebriated you’re unable to coherently order a McFlurry. Just me?

For those about to embark into the world of student life, these uni nights out are nothing like the nights out you’ve had before. This here handy survival guide will advise you on how to maintain your finances, stay alive, and return to your accommodation after a night out. All in one piece.

1. Don’t Wear Your Best Clothes


The types of clubs you frequent in your uni days are probably not going to be high class, or have the best hygiene standards. There will be constant theme nights from foam and neon paint parties to pancake day themes. My advice for night out attire is to not wear your best clothes or shoes, or even better still, don’t wear something you’d wear during the day. On too many occasions have I checked my clothes the morning after to find them decorated with a rainbow of drink stains. Or the remnants of a Cornetto stuck to the bottom of my shoe.


2. Learn Some Prinking Games



After choosing the appropriate attire for the club of the evening, next comes the pre-drinks or prinking if you will. You and your squad will gather to drink as to keep from spending money when you’re out because God knows club drinks are expensive. These prinking sessions will no doubt consist of countless drinking games in an attempt to inebriate yourselves to an appropriate level so make sure you learn to play Never Have I Ever, Paranoia, and Ring of Fire, just to name a few.


3. Know What You’re Drinking



Prinking sessions can get dangerous as becoming too drunk to actually get into the club is easily done. Therefore, when prinking, make sure you know what you’re drinking and how much. Do not continuously guzzle a concoction of gin and soda, and definitely do not drink strange brown liquids out of woks.


4. Don’t Take Your Debit/ Credit Card



I’m being a little hypocritical here because I’ve never done it myself, but a genius way to prevent your outrageously drunken self from overspending is to leave your cards at home. Theoretically, you only take out as much money as you want to spend and won’t be tempted to buy tequilas for all your new temporary drunk friends.


5. Journey Juice

If you have not pre-drunk (prunk?) enough before leaving for the club, just take a little journey juice on your travels. This is especially useful if walking to the club as sipping a little vodka and coke from a flask is a great way to keep yourself occupied and to keep from buying when in the club. But remember: don’t overdo it kids. Drinking is fun, but being too drunk is dangerous after all.

6. Know Your Limits



Referring back to advice 3 and 5, when it comes to drinking alcohol don’t drink too much. Waking up in the morning with bruises, a missing earring, and a chunk of lost memories is not fun. At all. My advice for this is to establish a drinking plan. Maybe only buy a new drink ever hour or hour and a half. Or maybe alternatively drink water between drinks. Or decide that when it reaches midnight or 1am you will only drink water. Find what works for you and try to stick to it.

7. Have An Escape Plan


And at the end of all that responsible drinking and dancing there is one more important thing to do. Get home. Before even going out try to establish a plan for getting home. When you will leave: will you leave when the club shuts or a half hour before? How you will leave: do you have money for a taxi, or is there a bus that runs in the early hours. Who you leave with: leaving alone to go home at 2am carries some danger with it, so maybe have a buddy system so you’re not alone.


This survival guide aims to give you the maximum uni night out experience accompanied with maximum safety. And remember: drinking can be fun but drink responsibility. That’s if you do. If you don’t want to drink, then don’t. Do the uni night out the way you want to.