I’m not sure you’ve noticed, but things around the world are a tad shit at the moment. Death, disease, Donald Trump. The Three D’s of the Apocalypse all at once. There’s not been much reason to smile lately, but guess what? THE OLYMPICS ARE BACK! I know, right? Four years since London ALREADY? But yes, Rio 2016 arrives tonight at midnight with the four hour spectacular that is the Opening Ceremony, to kick off the greatest sporting show in the world. And with it, comes a few reasons to be a bit happier. Here’s some reasons why the Olympics will make things a bit better (even if it’s just for a little bit).

Oylmpics 1


God knows we haven’t had much of this lately. From voting to storm out of the EU classroom like a small child who’s been told not to eat the glue, to being eliminated from the EUROS by a nation with more volcanoes than people. So, barring a massive underperformance by every single one of our athletes, we should have SOMETHING to rejoice about over the coming weeks. A gold or two from Mo and Jess, and maybe even a surprise silver in the one with the horses jumping over stuff.

Olympics 2


This Just In: News is depressing. As someone studying journalism, I can extra-vouch for this. There’s just nothing by horrible news lately. Turning on the telly or radio lately immediately results in you being informed of another mass killing or financial crisis. BUT NOW we can hear daily stories of an Olympic miracle of how a sprinter finished a race with a dodgy ankle or a country that outlaws swimming pools taking gold in the 100m Breaststroke. It’s all heart-warming stuff, and will make a great substitute for the depressing stuff all over the airwaves at the moment.


This year, the Olympics expands onto a continent it’s never been to before. While there have been obvious negatives, overall, it looks set to be a well-hosted event. While this is great for the continent, it could also herald good things to come for other hopeful nations. For instance, the first Olympic Games in Africa might now not be too far away.

Olympcs 3


Well, I guess the Olympics is SORT OF a talent show. But can they sing opera or own a talented dog? It’s a no from me. So, yeah, I’d rather watch the Olympics.

Olympics 4


In 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, just 12 openly LGBT Athletes competed. But now, just 8 years later, that number has more than tripled, with an estimated 42 openly LGBT Athletes taking part. While the job isn’t completely done yet, it’s wonderful to see progression, and it will be even more wonderful to see them on the big stage. Not while pretending to be someone they’re not, but competing as the best possible thing someone can be – themselves.

Overall, we all love the Olympics. Will it be as good as London 2012? Probably not. ‘Cause we bossed it. But it’s the Olympics, so it can’t be BAD. Let’s just all take a break from being angry and sad at the world, and enjoy people running across stuff, jumping over things and swimming a bit. What a couple of weeks it will be.