Man Admits to killing Irish Student in Glasgow

Alexander Pacteau, 21 admits to murdering Irish student, Karen Buckley.

The student’s body was found on a farm four days after she went missing from the Glasgow nightclub – Sanctuary.

Pacteau stated he continuously hit Ms Buckley with a spanner as well as strangling her in his car.

The court heard how he attempted to cover up his murder using a barrel and cleaning products.

Ms Buckley, a qualified nurse, moved to Glasgow in February, studying occupational therapy when she was murdered on April 12th.

Kos Police Use Force To Break Up Migrant Protests


Fights broke out amongst migrants trying to register in Kos, the well-known tourist island in Greece.

Police attempted to control the crowd of angered migrants, using batons and foam from fire extinguishers to disperse the crowd.

Protesting migrants simply wanted “papers” and to “eat”, which a quick registration would have allowed them to do.

Roughly 1,500 migrants all demanded the same thing, which left the police of Kos using force in attempt to control the crowd.


Two More Tube Strikes

There will be two 24hour strikes on Tuesday 25 August at 21:00 and Thursday 27 August at 21:00.

Underground workers continue to quarrel due to night tube plans.

The union state it comes down to work-life balance and job cuts once the all night tube is introduced in September.


Kim K Posts Nude to Prove Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian takes to Instagram and poses nude flashing her pregnant belly.

She attempts to clarify she really is pregnant.

But it’s more likely an excuse for her to get naked.

Rita Ora Uncovered

Rita Ora posing for Glamour magazine in a "deconstructed suit." Photograph: Daily Mail

Rita Ora posing for Glamour magazine in a “deconstructed suit.” Photograph: Daily Mail

Rita Ora strikes a pose for Glamour magazine, with just one lock of golden hair to cover her modesty.

A controversial shot, as she wears a “deconstructed suit.”