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UK Net migration reaches an all time high

Net migration in the UK reaches an all time high of 330,000.

The figure portrays the number of people entering the country and people leaving.

8.3m residents in the UK were born abroad accounting for 13% of the UK.

The government exclaims the figures are “deeply disappointing.”


Usain Bolts in secs-way

Usain Bolt beats them all, winning his latest gold medal in his 200m race at the world track and field championship.

Bolt did eventually get taken down on the track.

A cameraman on a Segway left Usain to bolt over, leaving him on his back before doing a somersault and then landing on his feet.

Uninjured Bolt took the matter on his chin and laughed with the audience.



Girl, 12 commits suicide after her Mum dies to breast cancer

Isabel Ann Richardon was struggling to cope with her mother’s death.

The 12-year-old school girl began posting images online relating to self harm.

Her father set a meeting up with the school nurse.

Despite the meeting with the nurse Isabel was found by her father hanged in her room.

Private school teacher jailed for filming children

Jonathon Thomson-Glover sent to prison for three years and nine months after making indecent films of children.

Thomson-Glover, who taught at Clifton College in Bristol pleaded guilty, however his charges relate to 120 victims over a 16 year period.

Night-time tubes suspended

The 24hour weekend night tube service has been suspended, as there are disputes over the rotas.

The 24hour tube strikes that occurred in July and August occurred due to the constant issues over hours.