Your daily Spice UK news round up by Louisa Fox and Sunny Singh

VJ Day

World War II ended 70 years ago today, marked by VJ Day celebrations attended by the royal family amongst hundreds of others. Veterans and family members marched through London from Horse Guards Parade to Westminster Abbey; celebration included music and poetry, amidst the waving of Union Jacks.

Every school an academy?

David Cameron has set goals to allow any school to become an academy, and thus independent, gaining funding from the government directly and free from the control of local authority. Cameron claims that this would allow higher standards of education, as head teachers have more choices and independence in decision making.

Teaching unions are against this idea because of its privatisation.

Islamic State Leader Raped US Hostage

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, repeatedly raped American hostage Kayla Mueller, an aid worker, according to accounts provided to the US intelligence service, prior to her murder.

Al Baghdadi claimed the hostage to be her “wife”, repeatedly forcing her to have sex when he visited.

The Mueller family released a letter which Kayla wrote from captivity in which she stated that she had been “treated with the utmost respect and kindness”.


Neo-Nazi’s Cower In Station Depot After Being Pelted With Rubbish

A White Man March by the Neo-Nazi group ‘National Action’ ceased to even begin in Liverpool, as citizens showered them with rubbish. The group retreated to a nearby lost property depot at Lime Street Station, where they tried to shield themselves from the garbage.

Prior to the event, the group had threatened that Liverpool will “go up in flames” and that only “bullets will stop [them]”. Shortly after the projectiles ceased, the group had cancelled the march.


Siri saves the day…

The story of US teenager Sam Ray has come to light: after getting trapped under a van in a collision, Ray was saved by Siri, the automated iPhone voice. Remembering his phone was in his pocket, he managed to call emergency services. He has since recovered from all injuries. Finally Siri is used for something other than the weather.

Hashtag of the day:


The teens of Twitter are bringing former One Direction drummer to the worldwide trends by tweeting non-stop about his new EP with Ollie Green, “Through the Fire”. Expect boyband-esque, fluffy acoustics. Let the fangirling begin.