FED up of scrolling through Instagram and feeling deflated by highly photoshopped and unrealistic body goals? Sick of not getting the positive motivation you need to hit the gym? Check out these fitness gurus who are changing the way we think about our bodies and motivating us all to workout, regardless of our size and experience. Forget the fakery and enjoy there inventive workouts, honest experiences and real #bodygoals selfies that are inspiring thousands.


1.) @followthelita 

Followers: 423k 

Taking a long stride away from the stereotypical “American Beauty,” Lita Lewis preaches all cultures, lifestyles and body images. An advocate for #thickthighs, Lita’s ‘gram is everything you’ll ever need to shun unrealistic body goals and embrace confidence as the new sexy.


2.) @kayla_itsines 

Followers: 6.2 million 

A must follow for first-time fitness fanatics, personal trainer Kayla Itsines has already made a name for herself gracing the cover of Australian Vogue and transforming women’s lives with her twelve-week Bikini Body Guide.   Kayla’s Instagram is packed with inspiring before-and-after pics and snippets of her workout programme. With daily reminders of Kayla’s washboard abs and toned legs it is difficult not to try out her quick 28 minute workout and join this inspiring Instagram community.


3.) @badyogiofficial 

Followers: 36.4k 

Erin Motz has redefined the stereotype of Yoga, and we couldn’t be happier.Her Instagram laughs in the face of kale-lovers and embraces a sport that anyone can do at anytime, anywhere. If you like feel-good quotes and down-to-earth bloggers, bend into a “Downward Dog” and follow this Bad Yogi. A must for anyone who wants to join the fitness game and eat the chocolate cake. Afterall, who said you can’t have your cake AND eat it too!?


4.) @linnlowes 

Followers: 700k 

If building a strong, fit physique is your thing, look no further than Swedish Instagram sensation and up-and-coming YouTuber, Linn Lowes. Her Instagram is packed with stunning post-workout selfies and unique exercises which aim to target all of your muscle groups. Despite her previous diagnosis with cancer, Lowes proves nothing can stop us from achieving the best and strongest version of ourselves.


5.) @iskra

Followers: 3.1m 

American Eagle model Iskra Lawrence wants us to ditch the fad diets and celebrate body positivity. A gorgeous size 14, Lawrence hasn’t dieted for six years and refuses to photoshop any of her photos. If you’re sick of stick-thin models parading across your instagram feed and want some inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle, Iskra is well worth a follow.


6.) @massy.arias 

Followers: 2.1m 

Health coach and creator of the MA30DAY programme, the Dominican Republic native is the fitspiration you’ve been waiting for. Just about the fittest woman on the web, Arias is dedicated to teaching us that  fitness is not just about achieving a ‘perfect figure’ but also about improving your quality of life and longevity. Soon expecting a baby, Arias’s instagram account has added feels, too.


7.) @thefoodmedic 

Followers: 111k 

Junior doctor, author, and qualified personal trainer, Hazel is proving to us all that no matter how busy our lives are, we can fit in fitness. So, no more excuses. Follow Hazel and be inspired by her simple, nutritional recipes and sweat-inducing workouts. Just what the doctor ordered!


8.) @amandabisk

Followers: 650k 

Too tired to work out? This fit Australian is teaching us a lesson in dedication. After developing chronic fatigue, former Olympic pole vaulter turned to yoga, and has become the master of her skill in just three years. Give Amanda a follow if you are interested in beautiful photographs, inspiring yoga tips and getting that healthy mindset. Afterall, the key to fitness is to- ‘Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.’


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