Your weekly dose of Wednesday wisdom…

Do you feel empty? Do you feel incomplete? Do you ever feel sometimes that your life is nothing but a search for wholeness? My friends, it is time to call off the search. It is time to start filling your own cup.

My experience tells me that looking for wholeness outside of myself is an endless spiral that ultimately leads to depression. Why is that? We achieve the best grades, we fall in love with someone, we get in perfect shape and we still feel empty. We hit goal post after goal post and still feel incomplete.

You can laugh at me. You can call me crazy. I will not stop pointing to that inside of you that is already perfect. You were born complete. You simply cannot be improved. Do you not believe me? Just look into the eyes of a baby. You will see that nothing is wanted, nothing is needed and nothing is missing. You are looking into the face of perfection.


“There is nothing for you to acquire. There is nothing for you to become.” 


The purpose of life is not to become more than you are, but to be who you are and who you where the moment you arrived. We think that we have to acquire something external to us in order to become the fullest expression of who we are. We are here to give, to love and to share. We are here to express the fullness that we already are.

My message is simple. There is nothing for you to acquire. There is nothing for you to become. You must look for the wholeness inside of you. Your cup is already full.

“The inward journey is about finding your own fullness, something that no one else can take away” ~ Deepak Chopra