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Hello everyone,

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This is my first post to you all, introducing who I am. I’m a 20 year old trainee teacher in my final year of study at Leeds Trinity University. I am by no means new to blogging; I have in fact been blogging for over 2 years now. However, I always feel as if there is always more ways to learn and develop. I have been posting on my blog ‘The Rest Is Still Unwritten’, which has allowed me to have a platform to share my thoughts and interests with you all. I was really excited when Robert contacted me about writing for Spice UK Online and I found it hard to say no. I was worried and nervous and first, maybe because I didn’t know if I had anything interesting to write about. Although, I’m really pleased I’ve been given the opportunity to write and share my knowledge with you. I’ve decided that I will mainly be blogging about teaching, however if the mood strikes I may include some other posts so that you get to know me as a whole person. For these posts I’ll be known as Miss M.


Teaching has always been a passion of mine and now I am in my final year of training I am more than ready for graduation. I am studying Primary Education Early Years, which means I work with 3-7 year olds, however I am qualified to teach any age. I have always had an interest in Early Years, as I find children and the way in which they learn so inspiring. I hope one day I will become the kind of teacher that inspires a class to be whatever they want to be in life. They shouldn’t feel like they can’t do anything, because nothing is impossible.


I welcome any questions or comments from you, whatever that may be. My twitter username is @TRISUblog. Hopefully we can also connect there. I love hearing from my readers. I will also continue to post on my original blog and the link can be found in my profile.


For now I’ll say good bye and hopefully I’ll be posting again soon!


Miss M


About The Author

Miss M
Fun. Creative. Dreamer.

I'm a trainee teacher in my final year at University. I have been blogging for over 2 years now. I aspire to be an Early Years teacher eventually becoming an Early Years Leader. I plan to share my experiences as a teacher as honestly as I possibly can be. I hope to share some ideas I have, which you may find helpful and want to use in your own classrooms. I am so interested in Early Years teaching and I am very excited to graduate and see where my career takes me. I hope you are looking forward to coming on this journey with me! I welcome any questions you may have just contact me via my social media links. P.S. The picture of Miss Honey is a character I personally adore from Roald Dahl's Matilda. A teacher who inspired her students and one day I hope to do the same.

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