Hello All,

If you’re a teacher in a Primary School, or work with young children, we all know how difficult and hectic home time can be. My final year placement class are particularly fussy at home time, so I’ve decided to download some relaxation music to use. I think it would be such a good idea to get the children sat on the carpet allowing them to calm down first before sending them to get their things. I’m going to send children off in tables whilst the others sit on the carpet and listen to the music. I have yet to try this out yet, however I have downloaded 2 clips so far from YouTube.

The first interested me because it is Disney. I’m a huge Disney fan, so it only seemed right to download a compilation of piano versions of the famous songs. This way children could listen out for songs they know and we could have a discussion about how they are different to the original. I’m in a Year 1 class at the minute, so I know many children will be very familiar with these songs and feel excited to hear them at home time. I personally love this collection to listen to myself (as I am doing right now).

The second interested me because it was Peppa Pig, however after listening to it, it didn’t sound a thing like Peppa Pig. I downloaded it anyway because it was particularly calming and I thought it could be something different.

As these songs are so long (over an hour) I decided I didn’t really need more than these for the moment. Eventually as children get used to the routine I’ll probably pick someone to choose the song to listen to at the end of the day. This is a good reward to give to the child that also allows them a confidence boost and shows that you have noticed their behaviour that day. No matter how naughty a child can be we must remember to praise them when they are behaving, otherwise they’ll never have experience of that and they will not strive to make a positive change to the behaviour they’re displaying.

Do you use relaxation music whether you work in a school or not? I’m interested to add to my collection! Do you think it makes a difference on behaviour or even your mood? I would be so interested to know so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Speak soon!

Miss M