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This is a blog I wrote a while back but seen as we’re slipping into summer trends and we’re back with ‘Summer bod’ regimes I really felt as though it was fitting! Also stay tuned for my upcoming workout vlog #BeastOfBoatengChallenge #Eeekk…


So after a bout of the common cold and a lot of exaggerating to my friends and family, on my part, I got into ‘drinking healthily’. In all honesty I used to hate water, like with an actual passion. I never drank it but during this time I watched a lot of videos and read some blogs. I always knew theimportance of having H20 in my diet but a reminder did me well. I re-learned how important it is to me, especially as a singer, to be kept highly hydrated……….

A few benefits of water, well known or not are:
* Maintains the body’s fluid balance– it transports nutrients around your body and aids regulation in homeostasis…
* Weight loss– theoretically water gives you the feeling of fullness therefore you consume less food aka less calories. Side note: I do have some friends who drink water before a meal in order to reduce their food intake. Whether or not it works, ask me in a few months…
* Better skin– (and all the teens say AMEN!) water helps flush out toxins from your body which would otherwise create clogged pores leading to pimples or acne. Maybe subconsciously that’s why I’ve been drinking more loooool…


I’ve also gotten into herbal teas. I’m a beginner in ‘herbal tea loving’ so it’s all quit basic. Green tea, peppermint…. Hmmm peppermint and honey is the one!These, and more, offer ‘natural healing’effects. Not only do they sooth symptoms of an upset stomach and insomnia but if you’re stressed just take a nice sip and chill. I really do strongly advise brewing yourself a cup of herbal tea just before bed, it knocks you right out. Also, as these are caffeine free alternatives they are highly recommended especially for individuals with IBS. #FACT

A really good drink I found is lemon and honey. I have this probably every two day’s either when I’m chilling with some friends or before bed. A little TMIhere but having warm water with lemon and honeystimulates your digestive system. This mean you have a healthy ‘flow’ and it helps your colon and lymphatic system work at optimum levels.
Note: it’s also good for weight loss.
See….. not only is it a lush taste but it’s anatural remedy…


I got onto the smoothie hype during my New Years resolution phase. You know those times when you think to yourself “Metruth, you haven’t had fruits in you fridge for months”,loooool. Well all that had to change and I found a creative way to do it. It’s super simple to make, I mean even a Uni student can afford it… I usually use a range of FRESH fruits,natural Greek yorgurt, fruit juiceand depending on how I feel I may usehoney to sweeten. All you need to do is gather these ingredients together and blend. Wallah, you have yourself a simple but delicious creamy beverage!