Growing up I always dreamt about what life would be like ‘after the education system’. The freedom it would bring, whether it would be freedom to travel, to explore and everything that comes with it. All this would definitely NOT include 8am-4pm timetables. As a side note, I’ve learnt that the ‘education system’ doesn’t really end. Life itself is a collection of lessons after lessons after lessons.

So after a few transition seasons; primary school to high school; high school to sixth form, sixth form to university and finally university to post grad. I have arrived. 

The realities of being here are different to how I imagined. You could say the naïvety was very real! I’ve always been quite independent in the way I imagined myself. “I’d do everything myself, I wouldn’t need anyone’s help. I could do it!” Slyly true but not wholly. An isolation mindset is the worst thing you could do to yourself. Yes, definitely believe in yourself and your capabilities but in reality, you can’t be ‘your own everything’. You can’t ‘complete yourself’ ( << this will be another blog for another day, looool ) In this season I’ve had an array of great individuals pouring into me from parents to peers to pastors. It’s been great and facilitated everything I’ve done thus far.

What does my life look like at the moment? Well, I’m working in a laboratory setting (yey for the future career relevance but hello 9am-5pm), I’m no longer living in my parent’s house *cough cough physically*, I get to serve in a church I can wholeheartedly call home, and I get to be surrounded by so many creatives! Business is about to be booming!!

What’s the current formula? Planning, preparation, perseverance and a whole lot of prayer!

So now I thought, let me give you a sneak peek of what my Monday’s to Friday’s look like. Bare in mind this is a representation of my less busy days. I love the ‘busyness’ of life, though, it allows expression of self!!

Hope you enjoy it!

With love, from a creative heart! ❤