My first ever style post but what the hey, it was bound to come around right…

M O N O C H R O M E | P O P

So lately I’ve really been into black and white, mostly just dark colours to be honest. My friends have given me one more month until my parents learn of this ‘dark phase’ looool. (Side note: it’s because with most Christian African homes this is frowned upon ) To me it’s two everyday colours that can be used in soooo many ways. You can be bare casual but then switch to elegant in an instant.


So with this look I chose your wardrobe essential black skinnies, a simple black tee and a faux fur gillet. (All for animal rights and that *RS voice*) To add that certain pop I then finished off the outfit with some neon green pumps. I really feel as though the shoe-gillet combo adds a certain level of class because in all honesty you could even get away with wearing something like this to say a lecture. Grab your favourite pair of creps and leave the gillet, or trade it in for some leather (jacket that is) or a hoodie and you’re fully good to go. Also when you really and truly break the outfit down it doesn’t completely break your bank! (we won’t talk about the jeans and shoes). Now lets see…

Gillet- on sale (big up the sales) ~£10
Tee- you can find it anywhere and any place .i.e. newlook, primark ~£4
Jewellery- close to £5
Bag- on sale ~£23

It’s simple and it’s plain but in my mind this equation equals class… It also means that you can go wild with your accessory choice of colour, each to their own… just don’t do TOO wild! I mean this could even be a date night outfit right…

See you in the next blog, love Truth x

Tee: Made to order
Jeans: Jack Wills
Shoes: Office
Gillet: H&M
Rings: Topshop
Necklace: Topshop
Bag: Zara