This week has been dominated by the US Presidential Election, but the fashion industry never stops. Lady Gaga is set to play Donnatella Versace in an upcoming American Crime Drama series which will tell the story of the 1997 murder of Donnatella’s brother Gianni and Bruce Weber will be honoured with the Isabella Blow Award at the Fashion Awards 2016 next month. Whilst the people of America were voting for their new president, the Vogue Fashion Fund panel were voting on their winners, husband and wife duo of Brock Collection, Laura Vassar and Kristopher Brock.

Fashion World Reacts To Trump’s Victory


This week, the people of America voted for their new leader, and have had a taste of what we all went through in June. Many people are calling the election of the new president, Donald Trump, Brexit 2.0, as the nation has been divided in a similar way to ours. The people in the fashion world have responded accordingly. You can find these responses and others on the Business of Fashion website.

Diane von Furstenberg, designer and founder, Diane von Furstenberg:  “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives…. We must believe that our future is in our hands . More than ever we must believe in good and the good of people. More than ever we must study, learn, be open minded, be generous and have compassion. More than ever we must be an example of good and influence the good. Whatever voice we have, we must use it to influence others so that our country celebrates what we cherish about it…its openness and inclusiveness.”

Tim Blanks, EAL BOF “[but] in a less-than-ideal world, hard times can galvanise creativity. One word: punk.  And fashion’s a mirror, remember?  It’s going to have so damn much to reflect over the next two years (counting on something twisted happening in the mid-terms) that it could become a vehicle for a whole new depth of ideas, comment, engagement — or maybe just escape. Truth is beauty.”

Hari Nef, model, via Twitter: “I would never run for public office in a country so full of hatred for people like me.”

BryanBoy, fashion blogger, via Twitter: “Today, more than ever, we the minorities, women, LGBTs, blacks, muslims, Asians, need to rely on the media to defend us from white supremacy.”



Sustainable fashion label Reformation have collaborated with Net-A-Porter to bring us a party edit this season, so we don’t have to feel too guilty about looking fashionable after watching Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary film Before The Flood, which truly scares you into re-thinking your carbon-loaded lifestyle, and rightly so.

Reformation factories use the most ecological friendly practices possible, such as using renewable energy sources and re-usable tote bags, and keeping manufacturing mainly in L.A. However, it’s difficult to become totally sustainable. In exchange of the emissions and water used by their clothes, Reformation gives back to the earth in the form of ‘offsets’. For example, they help plant forests to naturally capture CO2 from the air.

The collection will launch Friday 11th November, with prices ranging from £100-£315. Expensive, but totally worth it if you want to help the environment this party season.



This Thursday, London College of Fashion held their fourth annual Fashion Matters Gala. This Gala involves a silent auction and aims to raise money to go towards scholarships, bursaries and awards for students.

This year, 85 year old supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice was the events Guest of Honour. She told Vogue magazine, “People lack imagination a lot of the time as they are busy doing a nine-til-five job. In the arts, you suffer for your craft, but I admire anyone who has been born with that passion. If I was going to envy anything in life – and I don’t envy much – is that this place is available to encourage real talent and support it. The arts are what carries the world forward.”

Last year, the 2015 Gala raised £85,000 on the night alone, which funded 50 students’ courses. London is an expensive place to live and study, and creativity can be quashed by the stress that comes with student life. An institution that strives to nurture the creativity and guide the young, future talent in the fashion industry is extremely important.