Let’s all thank the heavens for H&M, one of the mainstream high street brands have finally put their faith into REAL WOMEN.


Real women sell. That seems to be the idea behind H&M’s new autumn 2016 campaign ad, and it is the most relatable piece of advertising maybe ever seen in fashion with over a million views on YouTube within one week. The campaign cast is not full of your conventional seven-foot stick thin models, but a diverse selection of women from a range of industries. The campaign includes model Abwoa Aboah, trans actress Hari Nef, 72 year old Lauren Hutton and features plus size (real size) women with real bodies (hello armpit hair!)

However, it’s not just the diverse cast that makes the campaign so brilliantly relatable. The stars were wearing the clothes in real life situations that the modern customer would find themselves in, as oppose to the set-up circumstances seen in fashion campaigns.


One half of musical duo Lion Babe, who supply the soundtrack to the advert (a rendition of Tom Jones’ She’s A Lady) is seen using a knife to pick food from her teeth at a dinner. A model is wearing the clothes slouched on a tube, and another unbuttons her jeans before flopping into bed and tucking into some fast food – we’ve all been there – and that’s what makes it so brilliant. H&M have completely thrown the traditional concept of the ‘lady’ out of the world, and introduced the modern woman we all know and love. The women we are friends with and the women we want to be, being completely confident in ourselves, tackling the patriarchy as seen in the advert as one model heads a meeting full of business men.

We women had a bit of a moment when we fought for the vote, and another when we got Equal Pay Act passed and now we have a female Prime Minister and potentially a female President. I’m pretty sure women will never stop having a moment.


What does being #Ladylike mean to you? Is ‘Lady’ an outdated term?