AH, spring. Flowers blossom in our gardens as well as our wardrobes, and we finally feel brave enough to shrug off a layer or two. That said, trying to balance your wardrobe with spring’s unpredictable weather is tricky, so luckily for you, I’ve rounded up a few must-have spring staples to tide you over until summer: 


1. Colour of the season: Yellow


Like the daffodils that signal the new season, this bright colour will be everywhere for the next couple of months. Brace yourself, sunglasses may be required. 


2. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

The classic petal patterns seem to grow wilder ever year. Go all out and cover yourself in flowers from the roots up, with floral-printed and embroidered boots, skirts, dresses and tops. To really drive this trend home, clash two different floral prints, but don’t be surprised if you find some unwanted attention from bees.


3. Frills over chills

There’s something in the spring air that makes all the designers dizzy with romanticism. This trend was hinted at subtly last season, with ruffle here and there, but frills are back in a big way. You don’t have to overdo it (and wind up looking like a purple quality street) either- the subtlest frill can instantly update your flat winter wardrobe.


4. Tulle cool for school

Molly Goddard hasn’t left our fashion radar since she jumped on it in the AW15 season. We can now live our fantasies of being princess ballerinas and get massive street cred for it. The mesh nature of Molly’s style, which brought our frills to multiply, means you are almost ready to bare all for summer but (sensibly) have reservations about the inevitable April showers. Want to show off that cute bralet? Mesh is great. A bit too cold to go full mesh? Wear it as a statement layer over an otherwise plain outfit.  Basically, mesh is the answer to all of your problems.


5. Gingham style

This school-girl check has been given a modern woman makeover. Tell your nan to hide her tablecloth.


6. Corset cool

Thanks to the Kardashians and their waist trainers, corsets are making a comeback. Perfect for adding a sense of “high fashion” or “wtf” to any outfit-  I’ll let you be the judge of that one. 


7. Suited…

All this activism is getting the designers geared up for the White House. Get your spring suit ready – the more colourful the better.


8. …and booted

Knee and thigh high boots are not departing with the winter weather. Pair with a mini skirt for those in-between weather temperatures.

9. Jean Genie

Your jeans are boring. Trust me. There are so many ways to wear jeans these days it’s a whole thing. For an easy spring jean, try swapping your classic blue Mom jeans for some white ones. Just don’t move – at all – in case you spoil them.


10. Wide leg

There is a reason the culotte became so popular last season. They’re stylish and comfortable and smart and casual and everything you need a trouser to be when you’re sick of cutting off your circulation in skinny jeans.