Hundreds of zombies descended on London’s Leicester Square today to mark World Zombie Day, with some participating in the event to raise awareness of homelessness across the city.

World Zombie Day is a global event marked in cities across the globe, just ahead of October’s Halloween festivities.

A handful of the undead were helping to raise money for homelessness charity St Mungo’s, an organisation working towards ending homelessness and rebuilding lives by providing shelter and support for more than 2,500 people affected by homelessness.

“It’s great because so many people get together for such a great cause,” one zombie told SpiceUK, “It’s such a good way to spread awareness- people put in so much effort and it really gets the public involved to help the cause.”


Rough sleeping has risen nationally by 37 per cent since 2010, says the charity, a particularly worrying trend in built up cities such as London.

Organisers were keen for the undead to stay out of trouble, with a list of guidelines including not walking in the road, not freaking people out and not bringing fake weapons, in order to avoid a standoff with the police.

St Mungo’s are yet to release a statement about the World Zombie Day fundraising.