WHO has had the most profound impact on your life? My answer is a formidable man James Golding and it doesn’t take much convincing to see why.

James has survived two bouts of cancer and is a cycling world record holder, but his brilliance extends far beyond these two chapters in his life.

James is a character who has the “it” factor about him, and his words single-handedly changed my perspective on so many aspects of life, like no one had done before.

I first met James whilst working with him at a cycling event, and when he started speaking about his story, I knew I wanted to find out more.

“At 28, I was diagnosed with cancer,” he said, “doctors found an 11.5cm tumour wedged between my spine, kidney and bowel, which was inoperable. Within three months, I’d gone from 14 stone to 6 and had less than 5% chance of survival.”

James in hospital.

Whilst he was recovering, James began to reevaluate his relationship with material possessions. He said:

“When I came out of hospital, I started going through all my things which had been moved whilst I was in hospital and I pulled out expensive suits, watches and pens; but I’d forgot I owned any of it. I didn’t think about any of it. None of it had even entered my mind.I realised then, all of this stuff wasn’t important and my goals and ambitions were completely wrong.”

Once James had built up the strength, he took up cycling and has since gone on to raise £3m for charity, despite the continued medical adversity he faced, which culminated in a second spell of cancer.

James is an enchanting storyteller, and this all adds to what makes him an outstanding example proving that anything is possible; and we humans are more capable at achieving greatness than we think.

Since recovering from cancer, James has taken up cycling and has raised £13m for charity.

Like everything, James reflects upon his experiences with cancer with a healthy dose of positivity:

“As awful as it sounds, Cancer was quite possible one of the best things to ever happen to me. That was purely for the fact of the lessons it taught me and everything that’s come after it”

Meeting James and hearing his story has changed my perspective on what it means to have purpose in life, and I now have a much more optimistic view of what is possible.

If you want to hear more about James’s story, you can click on the SoundCloud link to hear the interview in full.