Are you Instagram positive?


“Procrastination” is probably the word most overused by our generation especially when referring to social media. And it makes sense, most of us would rather scroll endlessly than do that seminar reading or take your dishes back to the kitchen or even go outside.

I know many of you can relate to that sinking feeling in your stomach after realising you’ve just double-tapped or favourited for a good hour or two. But why DO we feel so guilty or disappointed? It all comes down to how you are using social media rather than how long you are using it for.

On the ‘following’ tab on Instagram I constantly see people passively double-tapping away at faceless, substance-less images such as:

Why??? Who are these girls and what are they even saying to you and why do we envy them?? Of course you feel unsatisfied after hours of scrolling, liking these pictures is like eating fast-food after a night out, it taste so good in the moment but then leaves you questioning your life choices a few hours later. Liking anonymous captionless photos like the ones above make followers think a) these are the ideals standards of beauty and b) that could/should be me but it’ll never be me

Thankfully for you I have rounded up some accounts that can INSPIRE, MOTIVATE or EMPOWER you, cos I feel like a lot of that good energy is sometimes missing from social media.


1. @JeneralChat

Its difficult to follow a fitness or travel enthusiastic without becoming jealous of them. I’m sick of seeing waist-trainers and diets pills. How about good old fashioned hard work? @JeneralChat is one of the few accounts that doesn’t make followers want to be her or envy her. Post by post she shows how committing to a fitness routine really does get you results, or at least it did for her and if you give it ago it might even for you.

2. @ellagracedenton


Ella shares everything from the realities being vegan to self empowerment to being environmentally conscious and even the power of crystals. Followers enjoy a constant stream of positive messages, little ways they can go greener if they want to, the struggle but importance of self-worth and methods of uplifting whether that be thorough craft, travel, recycling old clothes, or journaling. Check out her blog You’ll spend less time scrolling and more time becoming a happier version of yourself simply by exploring new avenues.



3.   @akucbol

This young actress is a huge inspiration to me has made it her goal this year to travel abroad at least once every month. After trips to places like Denmark and France she updates her blog about what she’s learned on her travels. Akuc also share her experiences of being insecure about her skin and how she has found self-love and confidence. She also provides tips on evolving as an actors, who her acting role models are and also the pros of being a vegan! If you’re lacking a source of optimism follow her and check out her blog too:

4. @tex_blue 

Currently studying Graphics, each post Tex shares shows her experimentation with new mediums like stop-frame animation, film&photography among sketches and her latest projects. Her work is uniquely fun as well as thought provoking. Here are some of my favourites below and can’t wait to see more of what she comes out with and get my double tap on!


5. @arthoecollective


This account takes art submissions from all creative of colour. They showcase fashion, photography, poetry, dance, painting and sketches and testimonies from people on their artistic journey. Artists are free to submit under the headings like self-worth, visual art, performance art and movement amongst others. It is great to see people going out an exploring their passions & interest, sharing where they went wrong, how self-expression saved many of them from depression and low self-esteem.


6. @annasevenldn

Two fashion designers who’s pieces promote positivism, faith and all those good things about sticking to your grind and why being unique is the greatest power. They are more than just a brand by contributing 10% of their products costs to A21 a campaign again human trafficking! Two young girls, doing want they love and helping to  change the world one design at a time.


7. @daisymojaveholland

An north London based illustrator who’s work promotes female empowerment, individuality and relatable humour. She’s currently got a book cover project going which you can check out here: and is being commissioned to illustrate for all sorts of purposes.

Soooo I think procrastination is only a dirty word if you have wasted hours envying girls or celebs who have never known the grind, are just the result of photoshop or a rich enough to skip a million steps to reach their goals. I don’t know about you but I rather spend my hours scrolling through accounts that will INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER me to get where I want to be.


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