Last month, (the 14th October to be exact) I found myself submerged in Leeds’s up and coming cultural scene witnessing the morphing of art and music on the 2nd floor of a seemingly abandoned warehouse. Yes that rights people, I found “edgy Leeds.” And perhaps a lot of you Leeds folk think you’ve found it already. You’ve stumbled into Blue Rinse Vintage, stumbled out with the waviest of garmz, wack some glitter around your eyes and you’re all set for High Rise!

And to be honest, I’m sure your night was great and that you looked mint as you danced the night away but meanwhile those who truly shape Leeds’s edgy cultural scene were hard at work. Writing, sketching, presenting, producing, shooting, editing, composing, rehearsing, directing, designing, printing, tuning… It doesn’t hurt to remind one that the days and nights we so lavishly enjoy, when we’re “out out” or at a gig, shopping in Trinity or browsing the Corn Exchange, every piece was designed by someone somewhere. Its not really something you think about is it? When you pick out a birthday card for your mate or when you’re listening to the soundtrack of your favourite film (Tangled, obviously) we overlook the creative process that proceeded it. We rarely think, who designed that logo or who sat down and scripted that episode or who came up with this pattern on this new pair of Zara trousers I’m about to buy..?

I’m rambling, but my point is, the creative chain that means we are privileged enough to enjoy life’s luxuries is seldom acknowledged. So for me, Friday 14th October was a very exciting date as I saw one the most orgasmic moments the creative edgy realm has to offer: Collaboration. Tight Lines + Two Girls One Collective produced Chill Withers, a night of live music alongside a art exhibition with a drinks and a dance floor added on.

So in case you missed it, watch the short film I made below because words (even though I’ve typed 300 already) just do not give justice to the unique vibe and results that occurs when artists collaborate and appreciate each others work… if that doesn’t sound edgy enough.. are you even Leeds?

Massive thank you to Skwid Ink, Têtes de Pois, Garde Dog of Tight Lines and Eleanor Bailey & Monique Fleming of Two Girls One Collective. Give them all a Google or a follow or whatever cyber love you crazy kids give nowadays.