Do these fans put their country to shame? From major televised tournaments to a five-a-side in the park, Football has this magical, incontestable ability of uniting all types of people. I find myself immediately conjuring respect for someone when first meeting them if I found out we support the same team. (It’s just principle… isn’t it?) Even people who don’t watch football can’t help but engage with the buzz it gives off,


Screenshot from Twitter.


Especially in the UK the sport resonates so strongly with people spanning generations. It’s very important that we establish or rather remind ourselves of what it truly means to our nation. I can’t claim to represent anybody but myself here but, I think that for Brits, Football is so ingrained in our culture, it has formed part of British identity. (Perhaps, that’s giving the game too much credit but that’s for you decide). As well as a chance to witness spell-binding talent out on the pitch, you’ll also see supporters concede to tears and behaviour that demonstrates their immense passion.


Some behaviour however is no where near a show of pride for team and country. And although it’s exhibited by zero-point-whatever % of fans, it’s important we address it.

The video below has circulated social media, allegedly showing English fans throwing money at refugee children in Lile, France..


Uefa threatened to disqualify Russia too, due to the violence and disorderly conducted demonstrated by some of their fans in Marseille..


But such behaviour isn’t limited to the Euros, remember this atrocity in the Spanish La Liga two years ago..


Just to reiterate, it is a very small minority of “fans” who’s actions I think shame their country. Or, their behaviour at least encourages onlookers to form stereotypes, judgements and generalisations that are unreflective of the nation as a whole.

If you strip away the politics, the history and the rivalry, what we really see in these videos is the worst of human behaviour towards other humans. Violence, arrogance, self-righteousness, apathy, supremacy, obnoxiousness, ignorance and discrimination. It really is just unacceptable and those part-taking I feel should be named and shamed. This is so that people understand that these are actions by a FEW individuals and NOT the masses. Treating children like dogs, throwing money for them to chase???? That’s something I’ll never be able to un-see.

I’m not going to appeal to these individuals because I think it would be a waste of time and I’ve got better ways I could procrastinate. Right now it’s 55 days 19 hours and 11 minutes until the Premier League so whilst we wait at least we’ve got the Euros to occupy ourselves with. 99.9% of those lucky enough to get their hands on a tickets have gone to show their support in a way that would make their team and country proud, I envy you but also thank you – you are the example.