It’s a moment I’m really not proud of and one that seems to happen more often than I’d like. I’m on my way out Leeds Trinity, heading to catch the 56 home when I hear, “Any spare change please?”

Instantly, if I haven’t averted my eyes in time I pathetically mumble, “sorry, I don’t have any.” Really and truly this is often the case. And though conscious of my privilege, I’m so used to using my contactless these days I rarely carry any cash. Sometimes I’ve just given all my change to the guy squatting in the doorway that I passed five minutes ago and sometimes, I just ‘don’t have time to stop’.

No matter how hard I try (and I’m hoping this is the case for a lot of people) I can’t help feeling guilty afterwards, that there was something more I could do. Unfortunately this thought doesn’t linger long and lies dormant until I pass another person sitting on a corner begging for money.

I luckily found out about House for Homeless in typical millennial fashion, down a Facebook procrastination rabbit hole. And the very chance to ‘do something more’ was presented.

What is House for Homeless?

An opportunity to have a good time for a good cause.  This Friday (January 20th ‘17) in collaboration with Elemental Leeds, Studio 24 will be hosting a charity night of art and music.

All proceeds will go to supporting The Community Kitchen Garden in Leeds. A space which grows organic food to help support their homeless projects. These include hosting meals, community outreach, delivering food parcels and clothes to those sleeping rough.
The Community Kitchen Garden also offers eco-therapeutic activities which aims to give support to those that seeks their services, many of whom have learning difficulties, are battling with mental health issues or need emotional support.



The art showcased will come from a collective of environmentally conscious creatives here in Leeds who are encouraging of social activism.


Beach plastic waste – Georgia Miller

by Dawn Stevenson

by Niamh Mitchell

Also expect pieces from Daisy Lawn, Jen Mc-Neill Moss, Ella Notstob, Dan Gee (goat collective), Rebecca Gillespie and Casy LV.


Any House fans? You’ll be spoiled for choice with a constant supply of tunes the whole night long. DJs featuring (names worth knowing if you don’t already):

  • Izzy Wylie – head of Dance Disease, a space where you can share and keep in the loop with the latest House coming onto the scene.
  • Ghadimi

  • Cuil, whose dub and jazz influenced sounds have already been played on BBC West Yorkshire Radio but also be prepared for cameo of other genres including techno and disco.

  • Croma, who heads Broken Mechanics a Leeds bassy techno night.
  • Marcus Christensen and Array, who are in the process of starting their own label, Meanwood Records!
  • Tami Pein, the brains behind Elemental Leeds
  • Flux resident Wallauer will also be making an appearance.



  • And if that wasn’t enough Neo-soul band Necktr will also be supporting live.



Space: Studio 24 Gate 2 Unit 23a 66-70 Mabgate Leeds LS9 7DZ

Entry: £3 in advance, buy from –
£4 on the door!

Doors open: 7pm – 3am

The 20th of January is many things, the inauguration of He Who Must Not Be Named into the White House for instance. Be part of something positive and raise money for the less fortunate orrrrrr depressingly watch the unlikely candidate become the next president? Choice seems easy to me…