“The news is so depressing” is something I hear so often and it’s quite difficult to argue with. When I look at the front pages of newspapers, a harrowing headline like nurses having to use food banks, is what glares back.

‘Black women succeeds against all the odds’ rarely makes mainstream news making it difficult for young black girls to find positive role models that look like them.

I gladly welcome The Black Magic Awards. Launching for the first time on September 9th by The Colour Network, the ceremony will recognise women who truly personify black girl magic.

Footballer Rachel Yankey receiving OBE. Image from www.Arsenal.com

The Black Magic Awards

Rachel Yankey, Charlene White and Eve are among those to be honoured for their contribution. Eddie Kadi and Heart FM’s Annaliese Dayes will host the night at Hackney Empire.

The Shooting Star Award will be going to a young person for the great work they are doing already. I mean.. why am I not reading about this in a newspaper? Why do I read more often about black people dying at the hands of police or black on black crime than about black people succeeding? Both occur at a considerable rate yet only the negative is newsworthy?

We can’t deny that countless phenomenal black female figures exist because I grew up reading books about them from astronauts to activists. I’m 21 now, I’ve seen black girls (myself included yay!) graduating from universities all over the country or starting their own companies or raising families and raising communities. So many black girls are inspiring others without even knowing it! Unfortunately, a lot of our excellence still goes uncredited because some media continue to perpetuate negative images of black women twice as more than positive ones.

Black women are more than bodies and ‘sass’. We are intelligent and talented. We are powerful. And so, I root for every opportunity that acknowledges the strides that have been made for us by us. The Black Magic Awards, here’s to a night worthy of a headline!

Follow the link more info and tickets: https://hackneyempire.co.uk/whats-on/black-magic-awards/