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Screenshot of tweet by @niczaira


This is the realest tweet I’ve seen in a long time and it made me realise a few things so I thought I’d just share it with you all…

Not everyone will agree but I think that not EVERY argument or disagreement needs to be analyzed or broken down or sent in screenshots to your best friend on WhatsApp, sometimes just chill..

I’m not saying that talking things out is useless but at a certain point in your life you know what  and who you deserve and sometimes you should just make a decision, either sort it out or move on. This is all a part of growing up. Dragging things out is annoying, thriving on drama and pettiness because its something to talk about is annoying.

I constantly see guys and girls holding on to things that happened months or years ago and we all know that one person who will bring up whatever petty thing that happened over and over and over again.

You might genuinely be hurt by what someone did or said to you but you’ll also know if its worth trying to rebuild or if it’s better off just being left alone. And if he/she wasn’t worth it..why are we still talking about it?

Sooooo I think what I’m trying to say is that if you feel some type of way about a friend and you genuinely think that by telling them your friendship and life will improve, then go ahead and tell them. But before you do ask yourself is this really gonna make a difference or am I just stirring?

Nobody likes a stirrer.


Thanks, @niczsaira



Oh God, this sounds like an indirect post or whatever but I promise it really isn’t!