#CurseDavidCameron begins trending moments after the British Prime Minister admits to benefiting off Dad’s tax avoidance.

*So turns out the PM not only denied, lied but also DID benefit from his fathers tax dodging – tax that he has been telling everyone else for to pay! Oops.

(Updated in response to reader’s comment: Cameron, like many world leaders has urged for transparency in regards to tax and finances but, after failing to disclose his full involvement in offshore activities the hypocrisy is clear. It can be argued that the PM shouldn’t be blamed for his fathers decisions and we must remember tax avoidance is not illegal. However, if Cameron felt he had done no wrong, why wasn’t he up front from the very beginning when he was first asked whether he had benefited int he past or future and why is he apologizing now? Well, he gets as close to an apology as anyone could hope for. )

Twitter aren’t happy about this at all and we’ve rounded up the very best (and brutal) reactions, they’re coming in thick and fast.


Images from Twitter

Images from Twitter

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Five days ago 11.5 million documents were leaked from a law firm in Panama. The documents revelaed public figures across the world hiding their wealth in offshore accounts to dodge tax.

Among the names implicated were Simon Cowell, Lionel Messi, Vladimir Putin and Ian Cameron – the British Prime Minister’s late father.

Critics questioned whether the Prime Minister benefited from his father’s tax dodging and No.10 put out FOUR statements denying this.

Only today has David Cameron admitted to benefiting off his father’s offshore activities. He had shares in the offshore company and sold them for a tax free profit of £19,003 four months before moving into Downing Street.

Dammmnnnnn David..