TO be honest, waking up to the news that Trump is the new elect of America didn’t really surprise me. We saw first-hand during Brexit that lower middle class aren’t feeling supported or considered by the establishment and same goes for those across the pond. Clearly, Clinton was just that, an ESTABLISHMENT.

We saw first-hand during Brexit that the majority of the lower middle-class just aren’t feeling supported by the establishment and same appears correct for those across the pond.  Clearly, Clinton was just that, the embodiment of everything they had learned to hate about the establishment.

During Brexit, Leave campaigners promised many things,  among those being the now infamous‘£350m-a-week-for- NHS-funding’ pledge, of which they are yet to fulfil, in case you needed a reminder.  This begs the question will Trump keep his promises? Only will time will tell! Nevertheless, below are a few of his most controversial pledges:

Thus, us Brits put the same question towards the man who has now found himself on top of the world: will he keep his promises? For your information and personal mixed emotions of horror and enjoyment, here are few of his most controversial pledges:

1) Build a wall around Mexico:

So, there are partial walls between the US/Mexican border- remember the heart-wrenching videos we saw when they opened the border just a few days ago? Trump assured the public that all expenses would be paid by the Mexican Government and, in the assessment of the current political scenario, they just might offer to do so.


2) Defund Planned parenthood:


One of the crucial services that Planned Parenthood provides is abortion, a highly controversial with ‘pro-life’ Americans. Trump has changed his beliefs several times over the years on this issues, however, in his recent statements he has declared himself ‘pro-life,’ in other words, anti-abortion. Furthermore, he has vowed to appoint a conservative, pro-life supreme court judge.


3) Abolish gun-free zones:


Currently, unauthorized individuals are not allowed to carry guns in schools and military bases and, surprise, Trump wants to revoke this policy. Since 2013, there has been 203 school shootings, an average of one a week, which has resulted in 59 deaths and 124 non-fatal gunshot injuries.


4) End the Syrian Refugee Programme:


Since the current conflict in Syria began 5 years ago, the US has admitted approximately 12,000 refugees. Trump believes that the US’s “open policy” for refugees allows extremists to enter America by claiming, whether genuine or not, refugee status.  Trump has said he wants to make it “so tough” for those who want to enter the US.


5) End Obamacare



Now, the Affordable Care Act has been embroiled in squabble even before it was implemented, and after all the efforts put in by Obama can he really be scrapped? In some ways, Obamacare is similar to our NHS system, whereby Americans can claim free healthcare, albeit with many restrictions. In other words, in the UK we pay for our healthcare through National Insurance and the services are universal, the US has a patchwork system, and many middle-class Americans are frustrated that they are not affluent enough to pay for health care, but yet don’t meet the criteria of low-income households that can receive it free.

Despite controversial, Obamacare was one of the most influential policies of Obama’s presidency, and many readjustments will have to be made to the US healthcare system if Trump is to get rid of it as he says he will.