Bonkaz - #MixtapeOfTheYear Review [@Bonkaz]
Overal Impact

Released: 1st February 2016

In One Line: A quality piece of art

Favourite Track: Trouble

Favourite moment: The end of Paid In Full 2

Favourite Lyric: ‘I don’t want to kill my soul doing pop tunes’

UK artist Bonkaz promised fans his next project, ‘#MixtapeOfTheYear’, would be exactly what it said on the tin – and although we are very early on in 2016 he has definitely not disappointed. 11 tracks. The bar is VERY high.

Bonkaz – #MixtapeOfTheYear Review [@Bonkaz]

“I can do the rap ting I can do the grime ting you heard the songs that I sang my G”

Following all the promo in the run up to the release of this tape I really didn’t know what to expect from #MixtapeOfTheYear. Thornton Heath’s Bonkaz is a very versatile rapper, which is shown through his music. With radio tracks like ‘We Run The Block‘ and ‘You Don’t Know‘ to rap battles on Birth Of The Brave he is very creativity across different styles – something that is reflecting in #MixtapeOfTheYear.

Starting strong with ‘Heart’, produced by Nyge, the tone of story telling and punchlines is set. Easy listening rap that everyone can vibe with, we’re given an insight into the world of Bonkaz, his come up in ends and all what that involved. ‘Run Out The Ends’ summed up the tape in one line (on a basic level), “I can do the rap ting I can do the grime ting you heard the songs that I sang my G”. #MixtapeOfTheYear has the perfect mix between grime and NewGen UK Rap tracks.


The first feature on the tape sees Bonkaz link up with a fellow south London rapper and friend. Jumping on the remix to “And Dat” Stormzy laid down a tight verse, taking the track up a notch. Blade Brown and Yxng Bane are the second feature artists on the tape. Brown dropped a verse and Bane took the hook on “Outside”. Track had an American rap feel but was still well produced and nice to listen to.

My favourite

It was very difficult to pick a favourite song from this mixtape. I narrowed it down to three; Heart, Paid in Full 2, and Trouble. Though it was hard I went with ‘Trouble’, produced by The Writers Block. Like Heart this is another real life track and I feel like we found out more about who Bonkaz actually is and why he does all of this. Was a perfect end to the tape and I’m glad to hear he doesn’t want to kill his soul making pop tunes!

Enough about my thoughts, what do you think? Leave you comments below, do you agree or disagree? for me #MixtapeOfTheYear will be a strong contender for the mixtape of the year come December.

Listen to the full tape below.