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Is Staying Faithful Hard ?

No not really, it’s only hard if you’re not fully into the person. If you are best friends with the person then staying faithful is not hard – Georgie May, 20, relationship for 5 years.

If you don’t plan on being faithful stay single. – Rashida Josiah, 19 writer at SpiceUKOnline


Long distance relationships are peak so it can be quite difficult – Shea Conduct, 20, has girlfriend.


I’m from Canada and I defo can’t keep a relationship going in that distance. – Abby Ardila, 20, studying in the UK.


Staying with one girl is long, while I’m young I’m just going to have as much fun as possible. I have the rest of my life to be committed. – Boy, 24, did not want to be named


Me personally I don’t believe it should be hard but speaking from experience if you are in that situation you should rethink whether you want to be in that relationship. Alex Hall, 19