I would say Happy New year even though we are half way through the year. I say this because its my first blog post of the year. Its not by choice may I say BUT due to unforeseen circumstance, I’m bless to say I am in a better shape to continue with my travels. Now that we have gotten over my excuse for not blogging, I am happy to say Copenhagen is my newest city to venture. As you know, there needs to be a reason for me to visit a particular county and most time its reputation of the place or something trivial like photograph of a hotel I came across. However in this case, it was by mare adventure I bump into a Danish woman in Budapest who totally sold Copenhagen to me. So there you go, this is the reason why I will be spending four days with my good friend sister Kendra Orandi. 

I suggested Copenhagen to Kenny couple of months ago although she initially wanted to visit  Sweden nevertheless I eventually convinced her to come alone. We had a budget of which we both intended to follow, however when it came to selecting accommodation, this budget went straight out of the window(partially  my fault).  As much as I wanted to stick with our budget, she couldn’t convince me enough to stay at a hostel. So we ended staying at a four star hotel.  It was the best decision I believe we took. As for the flight we booked it in advance with Easyyet way way way before considering where we would sleep.

The flight was from manchester airport and if am honest I do not particularly enjoy flying from Manny. I prefer Leeds Bradford airport, as I have mentioned before theres nothing special about Leeds but I guess its purely for the connivence. Any time I travel from manchester it alway early and as a result needing me to leave leeds around 6am for the train. Although there’s a straight train to Manny, I rather have the extra hour in bed and take a taxi to LBA. I know you may say it laziness but seriously I get anxious a day before I travel and trying to pack everything late minute plus remembering not to leave anything behind (too much stress). Can somebody show me how to pack light please? I always over pack but my justification is simply because I am a woman who sometimes  finds it hard to make up her mind. (there you have it ) 

I am so happy Kenny is joining me on this trip. As much as I love travelling alone its always nice to have a company. I may have made a mistake going with this girl because she’s always on her phone so I very much doubt she will be the best travel buddy, despite that am grateful for her presence.

The plan is to meet her at the airpot at 8:15 as that would be my arrival time for the train. We have already checked in online but its always advisable to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departing time. Working in the industry, I know strange things can happened.


Met Kenny and we checked my hand luggage in, the thing that has now put me off from flying with Easyjet in the near future is that fact that you can only have one item with you at the boarding gate. Otherwise they will happily charge you £45. I had no idea so IMAGINE to my surprise when the checkin  lady kindly informed me of this. Mind you, I had with me a little handbag and a tripod. I had to find a way to make my handbag fit to my little hand luggage. You can only imagine 


After checking my bag in we had time to wander around duty free shops. My only issue with duty free product is it the made believe notion that the items are cheap. (I’m sure not all the stuff here are cheap compare to the high street shop, but then again it just my pinion)

Boarding the plane was not complicated however taking off was a struggle. It felt like the pilot was unsure as to what to do. 


We were hovering around for good 20 minutes (not over exaggerating)  before being able to take. At this point no announcement was made, I was not impress to say the least!

A big sign of relief when the plane took off to Copenhagen. I was under the impression that the journey was only an hour and half. This was not the case and in fact it was almost fours hours. I didn’t notice the duration of the flight because dozed off. I only relies this when I checked the time.

Landing wasn’t as bad as taking off! After picking up my luggage we made our way to the ticket desk. I had google the name of the station we needed to buy the ticket to. So went to the self service machine for a one way ticket to Koebenhavn H.

For a moment it felt like we were in control and had figured out the direction to this place. One thing I never shy away is asking for directions, I don’t like being lost especially in a foreign county. I’m up for being the annoying friend who will ask anyone and everyone for directions. We needed to take the metro which was simple but it suddenly got complicated when we couldn’t see the stop we were suppose to get off at.

 Normally I would freak out because I mostly travel alone but on this occasion I was as calm as cucumber. Kenny took the lead to read the map and I just relax and followed for the first time. We stayed on the metro for about 6 stop and decided to take a leap of faith, we got off and figure out how we would get to the hotel.

Looking back now, we were only 10 minutes away from a hotel but in the heated moment it felt like we were miles and miles away.

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and every year millions of tourist visit Denmark and this year we are one of those people. I love finding interesting fact about places I visit AND did you know Denmark is one of the world’s oldest monarchies with a history that stretches back to the Viking Age around the year 1000?

YEP you learn new things everyday. I am very excited to explore what is known to be the cosiest city in Europe. Among the major tourist attractions are Tivoli Gardens, the Freetown Christiania and The Little Mermaid, all located in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world.

It’s been such a long day so Kenny decided to take a nap. This nap led to a full four hours sleep.

We wanted to make sure we saw and did as much as we could at the same time  have a relax break. The first place we visited on our first day was the Tivoli gardens.

This is a famous amusement park and its located just a few minutes walk from City Hall and opposite was where our hotel was situated.


Tivoli Gardens is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world and was formally open in 1843 (that is old).  It cost 100 danish krona for the entry fees. This is the only attraction we were going to pay for looking at our budgets.

The scenery is beautiful with exotic architecture, historic buildings and lush gardens. At night, thousands of coloured lights create a fairy tale atmosphere that is completely unique.


The rides are all designed to match Tivoli’s architecture and gardens. Although it was beautiful at night, I would have liked to visit during daylight.




We booked the hotel through, I emailed the hotel manager to request for a mini tour just to see the other type of rooms they offer. They were nice enough to respond. Anjelina one of the hotel receptionist showed me around.



Scandic Palace Hotel is centrally located on Raadhuspladsen(the City Hall Square) in the heart of Copenhagen. 


The hotel was built in 1910, I love that fact the all the 196 rooms at the hotel are all decorated with different style and layout. I could honestly live here for good. Although we took the train here, it only 15-minute drive from the airport.

After my mini hotel tour, Kenny and I decided to do some serious walk. She had read about a hotdog stand via trip advisor and apparently it is the BEST hotdog in the entire city. 



Would you believe we walked half an hour for ‘Hanegal’ for her to have her vegan hotdog.

Once she demolished her vegan hotdog, we continue with our tour. Copenhagen is surrounded with a lot of beautiful churches…. we went past few and my camera couldn’t by pass without snapping new shots.


IMG_9285  IMG_9362            IMG_9348

We walked passed Egmont company to the enjoy stroll through a public  square called Kongens Nytorv known as The New Kings Square, it is the largest square of the city and it was established by a guy called Christian V. Did a little research and found out that he was a King of Denmark and Norway.  Just thought you’d be interested to now!!!

This square has a statue of Caroline Amalie and Rosenborg Slot castle Kongens




This was the easiest maze i’ve ever come across

As we made our way to the little mermaid I was amazed to see a row of yellow houses, I thought they were  cute and unique to anything I had seen before.  

IMG_9324                IMG_9327

The area is called Nyboder, theses house are very old built in 1931 for the permanent personnel of the Navy by King Christian IV.

At Langelinje Pier you will find one of most the famous tourist attractions in Copenhagen’s. ‘The Little Mermaid’,  I had no idea how tiny the sculpture actually was. It reminded me of the Manneken Pis in Belgium.



I am getting into photography, you would think as a travel blogger I would be good at taking photos. But its a skills am getting grips with and as I continue to travel #goals my desire is to capture weird and wonderful things.

like this two sister!


Seriously what are your thoughts on these two naked sister?!!

It was nice to wander around the beautiful Kastellet, its one of the best preserved star fortresses and most historically evocative sites in the city.

We walked about three hours, the main purpose for this long walk was to capture THE significant and what others may have missed.

After what felt like a marathon, it was nice to be back at the hotel. We survived on different type of hotdog. There’s one particular hotdog stand lady next time I visit Copenhagen I will certainly pass by to say hello.


I can not believe its almost time to head back home. I feel like I know my way around Cope!. Its a sunny day so it only right to walk by Nyhavn. 


Back in the day Nyhavn used to be a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock. The houses around the port has been renovated with fine restaurant making to a relax place to chill, eat, drink and listen to good music.


We moved across the Knippelsbro bridge to the other side of Copenhagen. 


We were very excited to visit christiania also known as Freetown! Christiania is a green, traffic-free city with paths, gravel roads and large water areas. I quite enjoy the creativity and calming atmosphere, word of advise do not take picture when you enter as the people there do not like their pictures being taken!

IMG_9523 IMG_9529 IMG_9518 IMG_9507

There’s always more to see and experience. However we have come to the end of the road. Its time to return to reality. I must return because four days here is not enough at ALL…….

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.Till next time Live, Experience and Explore