On a personal level 2015 has been pretty hectic. I’ve spent far too much of it drinking, not enough of it sleeping, but copious amounts of it with a smile on my face and a lot of that is down to the music. Here are my top ten rammers that in years to come will make me think about this year.


Dancing (Again!) – Eats Everything

Back in 2013, Tiga and Audion came together to create a new go-to song, for DJs around the world, when it came to mixing together their sets. Since it was released Lets Go Dancing has had so many remixes it is harder to find an original you can trust, but this year’s edition by Eats Everything went one step further; becoming THE track for night time partying during the festival season.  An ocean of phones in the air for Snapchat was a certainty when this beat was heard in the distance and even though I always seemed to miss the drop, it was the king of my two step all summer.

Distant Past – Everything Everything

Now I never used to like Everything Everything. I thought they tried too hard and were weird for the sake of being weird, but this song was the catalyst for me giving them another chance. And now I bloody love them. The song takes so many turns over a brilliant 4 minutes of music and whilst it carries a hint of hipster nonsense the musicality is outstanding and you can’t help but attempt to sing along. They are also one of the best live bands I have ever seen which always helps. “TAKE ME TO THE DISTANT PAST!”

Cocoon – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Like EE, Catfish really caught my eye with how good they are live. Spotify’s year in music (excellent app btw) told me that their album, The Balcony, was my most listened to record over 2015 so it would have been a travesty if I ignored them all together, so Cocoon got my vote. Shamelessly poppy in places but with a real understanding of hard hitting rock, it almost makes you forget 90% of the crowd you’re in are young girls.

Hoodlum – Traumer

Not everyone will be onto this one, but this song literally brought me back to life this year at MiNT Festival. I thought all my energy was completely spent but when I heard what is quite possibly the longest build up to a drop in the history of music (and even then does it even drop or just ‘change’) I had a new outlook on what the word happiness meant. Not the most mainstream of choices but in the right place and right time this rammer has no equals. Unfortunately, I could only find the short version online.

Shut up – Stormzy

I am not the biggest grime fan but going to University in Leeds it is impossible to get away from it and if I have to listen to anyone it is definitely this big lad. The lyrics make me laugh, the backing track is quality and it can fit any situation. And when he performed it live for Anthony Joshua’s walk out it got legendary status in my eyes.

Mountain at my gates – Foals

Yannis Phillippakis said Foals were not interested in fulfilling other people’s expectations after their last album and explained how he wanted to ‘relish the mania’ but I believe with this most recent album they have given the people what they want. Stripped back sounds that blow people’s heads off; less pop; more rock. Mountain at my gates is my favourite of what is, in my opinion, the album of the year and a record that gives them a true anthem people could look back on and say “Foals were the dogs b******s weren’t they.” Sure to be headlining festivals here there and everywhere the coming summer, but for starters, I have the pleasure of seeing them in Glasgow this February.

I know there’s gonna be (Good Times) – Jamie xx

What a year it has been for this lad. The xx are already cemented on the purist’s hall of fame, testing new boundaries with their music with no set genre to hold them back. However, with Jamie making his break away from the others (albeit joining forces again on a few tracks) he has created a record that has a stronger house feel to it, more dancey rather than chill out music, but equal in quality. This particular tune is brilliant in my opinion and will be listened to over and over in years to come.

Alright – Kendrick Lamar

I am definitely a snob when it comes to this genre. The likes of Lil Wayne and the rest of ‘Young Money’ can f**k off back to America, but the odd few standout in this genre as true artists and at the moment number one is Kendrick. The song took inspiration from Lamar’s visit to Africa, explaining how their struggle is so much harder than the Western world and how he believes if they can get through life anyone can if they keep on going. It has since been taken on as an anthem up and down America during protests against police brutality and shows that not all rap songs need to be about bitches and money. What a guy. (skip to 2:30 on video for the actual tune)

Fossils – Circa Waves

These boys were named the best band at this year’s Glastonbury by NME and even though this track was technically released in 2014 it came top of my pile in indie-rock rankings this year. An absolute rammer live and through the headphones, I literally have nothing bad to say about it. Another good point is it is one of the boys most ‘mature’ songs which I think they need to get more of for the next album – unless they want to be remembered as poppy fangirl worshippers.

What do you mean – Justin Bieber

If you would have sat me down this time last year and said to me Justin Bieber’s music would be universally loved by all throughout 2015 I would have asked if you had problems. But lo and behold, JB is my man this year. Rammer after rammer has come out his most recent album, he even seems more likeable in interviews, but this one, in particular, is my favourite. Loved it when I first heard it and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. This year will always be remembered as the year 20-year-old lads became Beliebers.


(Thank you to Youtube and Soundcloud for their wonderful free musical stuff)