After visiting the best city in the world last week I’ve now decided to pick the best from our nation’s capital. The city is THE place to be for many alternative and grime artists but seems to have lost its place on the indie scene recently – but it still hosts these few corker’s to get excited about.



These guys are not really under the radar anymore, with their debut album “A Dream Outside” making them arguably the most exciting band of their type in the country. This being said I know for a fact not many have given them a fair chance because of their name, it’s just not very catchy, is it. This lexical failure is a bit ironic because in my opinion they are one of the only bands in the country who can boast genuine quality when writing their lyrics.

The quartet excel at creating chilling metaphors which clash beautifully with their calming melodies which truly succeed in bringing psychedelia into the 21st century. They’ve just finished a European tour with Wolf Alice, who have a lot of similarities but have definitely cracked the big time, so I’m hoping this rubs off on them. Their Facebook says they are in the middle of recording new material, which they will be sampling around the UK later this year so let’s hope a more polished sound leads to bigger things for these boys.


Wikipedia tells us they are a alternative pop band but I think they just about sneak into my guitar people kind thing. Their music is very similar to Bombay Bicycle Club in a lot of ways, who they performed with last year, and I am sure they are aiming to gather just as many plaudits as their fellow Londoners in the coming years.

None of their releases really grab you by the bollocks and say “love me” but the way they put their sound together creates effortless transitions that are more than easy on the ear. There’s not many bands that I compliment on “easy listening factor” but these guys do it in such a way it’s hard to knock them really. Closer Together is definitely their best tune if you’re looking for it.



I don’t know much about these two but after only a few listens I already know they are well ahead of many similar artists, not only coming out of London, but the whole country. Two lads, two guitars, two great voices, and some brilliant tracks.

They have that kind of tone that makes you think everything is so simple but to be able to do this without ripping someone off in a corny way is bloody difficult. Old Box and Therapy are both absolutely beautiful and I’m sure would be equally captivating live as they are soothing whilst I’m writing this up. Fans of Paolo Nutini would definitely like their stuff.


So only the three bands this week that I think are worthy to get onto my Best of British playlist because I quite simply don’t like a lot of the newbies coming out of London at the moment. Jamie T, Bombay, Florence, Mumford, Coldplay. Some of the biggest names in the biz hail from our capital but no one really looks like taking over their throne in this genre anytime soon. 

As a city, they are the front runners in a lot of other avenues of music but just it would be nice to see a new Blur come along sometime soon. Saying that, these three are still more than capable of putting a smile on your face and could be going far if people start to take a little bit more notice.