Cabezudos have spent the best part of this year spreading their name across the country, perfecting a set that will catch the eye of everyone and proving they have some of the best energy in the business. Their newest tune, ‘Tempting Fate’, is a massive part of this, taking advantage of the bands’ crowning glories and really grabbing you by the bollocks.

I began my interest in the band with their first EP, so seeing them move on from that so quickly was, at first, surprising. I had only just learned the words and they were already moving on. But after a couple more gigs, it became quite clear, that the quality of tunes like ‘Tempting Fate’ was another level.

Speaking to Tom Maher (Bassist) it is obvious that the boys see this summer as massive for themselves. They have started to create a real buzz around their live performances and wanted a couple of new tunes to really perfect their set for festival season.

“We wanted a well recorded song to put out that firmly stated who we are and defined our sound. I really think it does exactly that.” Zudos are already booked in with Tramlines, Hope & Glory and Y Not this summer but have a few more surprises coming up to keep everyone entertained.

With this track, right from the off, you are nodding your head, hoping for a rock n roll rammer. As soon as the vocals come in it is one of them where you try and sing along when you haven’t quite learned the words yet. You’ll be humming the chorus all day long without even realising.

Classic sounding, with a modern twist, as is all the stuff from this band, I think this is the first of their songs that has fully succeeded in taking full advantage of Jack Hughes’ arrogant tone when singing. It has been fine tuned to the highest standard and it is no surprise that gig promoting extraordinares, This Feeling, made such a big deal about it when it came out.

After recently completing their summer tour they are already planning their plans for the Autumn/Winter –  wanting to keep the momentum going off this single and move onto bigger and better venues.

“We’re also back in the studio and will be recording two new tunes due for release this year. Can’t wait for everyone to hear them really”

As I always say you don’t realise how good Zudos are until you have the pleasure of seeing them live. They are all quality musicians, with their ability to replicate that on stage in such an explosive way being the real reason they are becoming so popular. But in this day and age you need a track that will set you apart from the crowd on the radio and Tempting Fate certainly does that. Singles matter and this one ticks all the boxes.

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