In a world where a lot of bands come and go and make you think “haven’t I heard this before” before realising that bassline is suspiciously similar to the Arctic Monkeys, it is always nice to find an act who are intent on doing it their own way. And realising that their way is half decent is always a nice surprise as well.

Cabezudos released their debut EP at the back end of last year and, despite it going down a treat, the last time we spoke they admitted they want to get a whole lot better. After winning Liverpool’s version of Battle of the Bands, they went back to the studio to polish their sound that little bit more, to make sure they were 100% happy when they returned. Now back on stage, with a clearer idea of who they want to be, Zudos have released The Way.

Revealing the new track to a sold out Buyers Club, back in the hometown of Liverpool, the boys produced another energetic performance of which they are fast becoming famous for. Sampling a number of new songs alongside the official single the band obviously now has a confident back catalogue they can pick and choose from depending on the night.

Alongside the new single the boys have one more date left on their first UK tour, with The Underground in Bradford having the pleasure of hosting them this Saturday. Finally branching away from their Merseyside home with real confidence the boys don’t look like stopping now and it will be exciting to see where they play next. As they say, they are coming to conquer.