EP Review: Cabezudos She Waits
Overal Impact

“Let the music be your master, will you heed your master’s call?” is a lovely ideology you hope all bands would live by and these words by Led Zepplin act as inspiration for Cabezudos in a number of ways. The quartet from Liverpool draw inspiration from a variety of sources for their old school, debut EP: Zepplin, Rolling Stones and of course The Beatles to name a few, and what has been created is four songs that show they are not going to be artists who settle in their comfort zone.

The band began as a threesome messing about in the summer of last year, trying to come up with songs but admittedly “not getting very far” without someone to back them up on a permanent basis. But once they did find a drummer in Harry Strachan their already existing ideas could be put into practice with a solid beat behind them and they went straight into gigging from April 2015 on wards. The rest of the team consisting of Chris Bolton on guitar, Tom Maher on bass and Jack Hughes with lead vocals wanted to push forward and not waste any time but even with this drive the fact they secured a host of gigs around their home town and at Liverpool’s acclaimed X&Y festival over the summer is still very impressive indeed. Gaining a reputation for one of the liveliest bands on the Merseyside circuit at the moment is pushing them to a lot of people’s attention.

Their EP launch went down a treat at The Zanzibar in the middle of Scouseland, a near sell out for such a new band was a very positive welcome for them as they take this step forward into doing things properly instead of just having a laugh. The start of their single, She Waits, is an instant ear pleaser and the easy to pick up lyrics show that despite other songs in their possession having a much more complex structure they have got one in particular that acts as their ‘catchy’ rammer to make people pay attention. Out of all the songs on the track however the one I enjoy the most is Foolish. Patient build up to a worldie of a guitar solo ticks all of my boxes and the Matt Bellamy/Jack White-ish vocals from Mr Hughes are also lovely jubbly to listen to. It is also nice to see that the band is comfortable relying on their musical expertise rather than just wanting to control a crowd with their energy.

What the band really do excell at is changing the flow of a song numerous times without turning it into a mess. This is especially obvious in Could You Be Wrong which contains quite a sharp change between each verse and chorus but the glorious bassline that is left on its own to connect each segment of the tune ties it all together seamlessly, in my opinion. When speaking to Chris Bolton I picked up on the fact that they hate the idea of being boring more than anything else and this is something I believe the EP represents.

When asked on their plans for the future Bolton didn’t have much else to say but just carry on what they’re doing and getting a bigger and bigger crowd. They’ve went from a mash up of musicians to Spotify hosts in little under a year (they’re not live yet but it’s coming) and at the moment they are happy to keep writing and take it slow. These boys aren’t going to be headlining Glastonbury next year but don’t be surprised to see them appearing on more and more bills as 2016 gears on. And when it comes to the name, Cabezudos translates roughly as ‘big heads’ in Spanish, all Bolton had to say was that it fits. “We’ve all got massive heads, not like arrogant, literally big heads” simple yet exotic. Lets hope this continues.