One of our site’s favourite bands made the first steps out of their home city this week by performing at Bar 360 which is upstairs at The Library Pub. This venue has helped launch the career of many a band that started in Leeds, including Alt-J, and it is now an important stepping stone for Cabezudos branching out across the rest of the country for the first time.

It became clear from doors opening that the vast majority of the crowd was there for the boys from Liverpool. Every other voice at the bar was a Scouser and I believe this, along with the fact they recently won Battle of the Bands in Liverpool, was a big deciding factor in them being put on last, headlining their first show in the city. The correct decision.

No disrespect to the other acts on the bill but the tension waiting for the other lads was obvious. There was no buzz when listening along, no obvious interest, simply anticipation for Cabezudos to come on. It was not the fact that they weren’t bad bands it was just that everyone in there definitely saw them as warm ups. Making it kind of ironic that their first track was She Waits because we definitely were.

So with the boys finally on stage, the question was would they live up to demand. In previous gigs their energy has been commended, musical ability praised, confidence applauded, they loved everything that they did in Liverpool so would they be able to take it elsewhere. Even though I am a fan, I have got to say even I was surprised with how well they delivered.

Jack Hughes was orchestrating the crowd right from the start, dancing his way into the role of a crazed frontman but f**k me he was good at it. Harry Strachan controlled things from the back expertly all night long, and in such a closed venue like Bar 360 is it is very hard to do this without deafening all those in the crowd. I’ve seen it happen in there before. It was an absolute pleasure to hear in the flesh what is fast becoming my favourite bass line in Could You Be Wrong? so thank you, Tom Maher. And Chris Bolton wasn’t that bad in the end as well. The video below shows he’s half decent with one of those guitar things.

I think describing the state of the crowd when praising these guys is essential when trying to express how good they are. I’ve never seen anything like it in such a small venue, mosh pits emerging from minute one and they weren’t just coming from the friends of the band. Men of nearly 40 flying into each other, and when music makes you feel like you’re a kid again what more do you want really? Special mention for whoever decided to open an umbrella in the middle of one of the heavier tunes, although he might have passed some bad luck onto the lad who smashed his face into the stage minutes later.

In all seriousness, though, I was impressed. I’ve listened to their stuff, I’ve met the members, I’ve bigged them up but this was the first time I had the pleasure of seeing them live; which is really the best way to judge any musician. They smashed it being honest, after spending a whole day at Live at Leeds they were probably the best set I saw and if they’re doing that at this stage you’ve got to be keeping an eye on them.


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