The Hillsborough inquest has been raging on for over 2 years, deliberating over the causes of 96 football fans on 15 April 1989. The main results of today’s proceedings have confirmed that all the victims of the disaster were in fact unlawfully killed, quashing the previous accidental death verdict.

What exactly does this mean?

  • The jurors were asked 14 questions based on the evidence they had been presented. Question 6 concerned the verdict of unlawful killing in which a majority of 7 to 2 decided this was the case
  • It was decided that both the police and ambulance service caused or contributed to the loss of life at the stadium
  • Organisations that were involved in the planning of logistics such as travel in the run-up to the match may face further investigations due to their negligence
  • It was confirmed that commanding officers, such as David Duckenfield contributed to the deaths of the 96 because of their negligence when controlling the crowds
  • Eastwood & Partners, in charge of ensuring the safety of the stadium, also share some of the blame due to not flagging certain design faults
  • Sheffield Wednesday as a club has also been criticised for not taking into consideration whether their home could host the semi-final
  • The answer of question seven confirmed that the fans of Liverpool football club were not to blame for the loss of life. Opposing the opinions of many MP’s and media organisations at the time
  • The Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation is still ongoing to see what punishments may be executed internally for South Yorkshire Police
  • It has been implied by members of the Justice Campaign’s legal team that the result may lead to a separate investigation into the ‘cover up’ that followed
  • Because of today’s results, Crown Prosecution Services are now looking into criminal proceedings at those deemed liable.

The verdict today is the result of a 27-year-old journey from those who lost their loved ones in the disaster as it can now finally be deliberated who was at fault and when. We at Spice hope the results can give some closure to the families involved whilst creating the correct avenues to punish those who were at fault.