At the moment every Tom, Dick and Harry with a bit of musical nowse is picking up a synth and making their tune sound wavy for the sake of being wavy. Although some absolute diamonds go down this route, with more efforts at this style, it also brings a whole lot of crap. In the past couple of years I’ve seen a lot of artists get a lot of attention because they are super cool and awesome, but after a while, we realise they’re just twiddling a few nobs and it doesn’t really sound that good. Every now and then, though, someone knows what they’re doing and you get some belter tracks. Baby Blue is one of them.


The debut single from Magique has the official release date of November 4 and after listening to it on Soundcloud earlier this week I’m thinking it is going to get a lot of fans. Choosing to use a pumped up bass guitar to lead his psyche filled sounds was a bloody brilliant idea – bringing an old school funk feel into the new world with ease. Very simple in the way it is put together, there are no unnecessary showy off moments you normally get in this genre. It kept a smile on my face from start to finish.

When looking at a new artist like this, it is sometimes hard to find anything about them as a person. You want to know where they came from, how they did, what’s their shoe size that kind of thing, but with this lad there is nothing. And I mean nothing. The powers at be have decided to keep the identity a secret, for the time being, just releasing that it is a solo male who knows what he is doing with this music thing.


This little bit of mystery is definitely intriguing and I really hope they milk it for every bit they can. A good story behind the music can be half the fun in this industry so if they are planning on surround this guy in suspense it will make following his journey that little bit more enjoyable.

So at the moment we only have one good track, the rest could be crap. But all I know is when someone knows how to put a song together in such a simplistic way yet still making you want to listen to it over and over for an hour so you can keep tapping your foot, they know what they’re doing. Looking forward to hearing more once this one is out the way.