Skepta sat down with Semtex at BBC Radio 1Xtra to talk about his life, influences in music and how far he has come because of his music.

The MC is very open about his childhood, explaining how musical influence from his Father meant that he was comfortable with the production of tracks from a young age.

Skepta spice

He explains how DJing for JME was the catalyst to him getting involved in Grime as a solo artist with the friendly competition amongst his friends giving him the confidence to push on an do his own thing. This was of course despite a lot of criticism of his style from those already big in the industry.

When talking about his new album, Konnichiwa, which is favourite to be number one this week, he explains how he doesn’t like the club scene any more and wants his music to be more serious. He describes how he feels “justified” by this album and wants it to be considered a “classic” and “mark this time” in the Grime scene.

Overall, Skepta comes across very humble of his success, with obvious pride in where he has got to and a sense of intelligence of what is going on in the world. Exciting times for one of the countries most exciting artists.

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