The world of events is one of the most saturated markets there is. At big student cities like Leeds, there can be something new popping up every week as everyone strives to make a bit of dosh off the thousands of students that are desperate for a bevvy. Well, this weekend in West Yorkshire, there is something very different happening in the events world. Something very unusual.

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Wonderland will be going down at MiNT Warehouse, one of the cities best-known venues, with there being many weird and wonderful surprises being promised for the punters. Rumours of real-life Oompa Loompas, edible walls, costumed actors, free goodies and every decoration possible flying about. Roundabout events are telling us to “release your inner child and ride down the chocolate river with us.”

Forgetting the theme, one thing in particular still sets this event apart from the rest. Not everyone who will be visiting on Saturday will actually be from Leeds. Students from Manchester, York, Sheffield and Nottingham have had the chance to buy a separate ticket that includes the travel for the night so they can descend on MiNT and cause madness before disappearing down the motorway.

So where has Roundabout, the event’s host come from? It is actually the brain-child of Joey Speed, winner of the Enterprise award at University of Leeds, who, after two years of working for other companies at University, decided to give it a go going alone. Having organised a coach of students to Newcastle and Liverpool for charity in his first year he knew the money could be made, all he needed was the opportunity.

Fighting off over 250 fellow applicants to make the final 3 cash scholarship winners, Speed now has an on-campus office and a year off his studies in order to concentrate fully on creating his own business. The event at MiNT Warehouse is the first of many, following months of planning in order to ensure not only the Leeds lot get the real deal but those away from the city arriving by coach.

The music for the night will be provided by a number of the cities most recognisable DJs. The main room will be governed by the best of the best from Triple Cooked and Flux whilst local celeb Livsey is amongst the jungle experts in the second room. So don’t think the tunes will suffer either.

Here at SpiceUKOnline we’re always a fan of young people pushing themselves to be the best they can so all we can say is good luck. The video below was released this week and shows how those in charge are doing it for a good time as much as anything, so let’s all take advantage of all those free sweets.


Tickets available here for the event that begins 11pm, Saturday 22nd October