I never expected it to happen. Donald Trump being president really does seem like a big, massive joke but it is now our reality. The Simpsons even made a joke about it almost 20 years ago, I wonder if he would have had the idea if they didn’t?

This man is a racist, sexist, Islamaphobic, arrogant, admitted sex offender who is not even good at what he is famous for; now he is the top dog. So for us to fight back, we need to realise how he has managed it.

First, you must look at who is the Trump voter. You would think a lot of them would be people like him. Rich numpties who are scared all the non-whites will get in the way of their Tennis club, but, for once, the Republican’s didn’t have a tight grip on affluent America. It is unclear whether this is because they feel safe in the familiar hands of a Clinton or if it’s the old “they’re rich, therefore educated” argument, but it was a surprise either way. So who is voting?

The answer is the disillusioned. In important states like Florida, in which the winners are nearly always decided, people turned out to vote when they normally never would. The minorities in these see-saw areas that Clinton depended on were outnumbered massively by the urban voters who came out of nowhere to make sure someone different was in charge. The polls couldn’t track this because there aren’t people with clipboards in the places these people come from. But they still wanted change.

This is where the similarities with Brexit lie. I’m not the biggest fan of the whole “America’s Brexit” thing because it’s not really that similar is it, but the reasons behind why people voted fit together effortlessly.

Imagine you’d been fucked over by the same group of people all your life. The only person who could tell you why was someone else in the same situation, who had been told by their neighbour and their neighbour before them. No one had a proper explanation other than those in charge don’t care. Politics isn’t won by people who fix things, it’s decided by those who don’t piss people off.

This is twinned with the patriotic dragon that lives inside the majority of Brits and virtually every single Yank. “Make America Great Again”. The greatest slogan the world has ever seen. I can almost imagine the pensioners in the abandoned towns of America hearing that on Fox News and immediately searching out a Trump cap and flag.

And yes that was a little jab at old people there because this fact is very important. If it was just young people that voted, Clinton would be in charge, fact. So maybe we should just slaughter all the old idiots and let the youth take over? No. The older generations have voted based upon the understandable reasons I have previously mentioned. I don’t hate them for being stupid, because they’re not, I feel sorry for them because they thought that this was the only way to get out.

So what about all the people who hate him, because there’s quite a few of them too. This is just the basic stats. You’d imagine the majority of people who aren’t white would want to vote against him, that’s 36.3% of the population. Statistics also say that there are around 9 million (3.8%) gay/bi/transgender people in the US, most of them should be his enemy too, surely. Around 19.4% are registered with some kind of disability, they can’t be too keen? Oh and there’s a few women he must have pissed off as well. Where did their votes go?

And this is the most frustrating part. The fact that there were millions of people who knew Trump was pure evil but just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hilary either. Those who identify themselves as politically independent and are not dead certain where they want to vote is at a new high in the USA. People wanted change and many saw voting for Clinton as a backwards step in the fight against the Washington elite. It is estimated around 15 000 people chose to vote for Harambe, the dead gorilla (god bless his soul), instead of a serious candidate. That is how much they hated the two in the race.

So where were the other options? Many were crushed by Clinton’s friends in the White House, many just didn’t have the personality to stand up to Trump’s celebrity, but there really is one who could have been in with a shot. If Bernie Sanders was the Democrat’s nominee I really think he would have won. Because he was a change. And all those independent voters would have been right in his back pocket. I don’t understand the whole nomination process in the US but I’m going to spend a lot of time trying to so I can moan a little bit more. We need more people like Sanders.

This is why we need to believe in people. Americans aren’t evil because they’ve voted a nut job into office, if anything, they’re just confused. I don’t like comparing it to Brexit because not everyone in that vote was confused, they had legitimate reasons. I never agreed with a lot of them but it was not as black and white. Trump being in power is wrong, this is a fact more so than any Brexit argument.

There is also hope in the anger this all creates. Social media today might be full of part time politicians but at least people are caring. At least people are wondering why there weren’t any more candidates. At least there’re weirdos like me deciding to write about it so more people start to take a bit of notice.

It is always darkest before the dawn some people say (cringey I know) and one tweet summed this up for me this morning. A man called Jamie Clarke said “The future isn’t lost. This is just the final hurrah of a dying mentality. The future is ours.” and I think that is spot on.

The victories of people like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and yes even Hilary Clinton are not things that we should just accept. If you think you’re so much cleverer than the person who voted for you why don’t you explain it to them? Why don’t you make the effort to understand their side of the story?

There is no point in fighting for something if you have the mentality that the other side will never change their mind. You will never win an argument if you believe the other person is worse than you, just because they disagree. Don’t sit there in shock wondering how this could happen, do something about it.