LFW 2015: Asli Polat SS16

Imagine sitting in a country field somewhere in Midwestern USA with your feet up, gazing at the crisp midsummer sky, barefoot whilst twiddling a grain of wheat in your mouth for good measure. I’ve never sat in an American field barefoot, nor nibbled on grain, but I can only imagine it must be a feeling of utmost relaxation. Asli Polat’s Spring Summer 16 collection channelled a sense of countrified chill combined with a slick organic aesthetic to create a formidable ready to wear offering.

A screen on one side of the room screen flickered with pixelated images of greenery and the aforementioned fields, whilst the runway itself was converted into a pathway made of artificial grass, sprinkled with daisy petals.  Before the the first forays down the catwalk had even taken place, the mood was set for a light, natural feeling collection characterised by elegance and ease. From the outset, the collection’s pastel transparencies combined with some clever experimental tailoring worked a treat.

Highlights included light dresses with plunging necklines, subtle floral embroidery and some interesting takes on contemporary classics; including a hybrid between a white blouse and a cape. Polat’s use of pastel was inspired, her commitment to more natural hues ranging from stronger shades of green to luscious looking lime tones helped achieve a balance between her more refined looking dark jumpsuits and two pieces to airier skirts and dresses.

By the time the showcase drew to a close and the crowd put together their collective applause for the finale, it felt like the end of an experience. A walk through a country lane, lined with trees, wildflowers and most importantly some gloriously natural looking clothing.