Kanye West: One of rap’s greatest creations?

Let me guess, you read this title and came up with reason after reason on why I’m so wrong and I need to stop writing immediately. Well, let me stop you there because I believe I may just have the reasons to otherwise change your mind (or not, it’s your head.)

Regardless of your thoughts on him as a person, you would have to admit that Kanye has brought something to the rap game. Even the fact that his first rapping single ‘Through the wire’ went number 9 in the charts, shows that he had some talent up his sleeve, later going on to sell 441,000 copies in his first week on his debut album ‘The College Dropout’.


Now you might say ‘Okay Sonny, good sales aren’t everything, what does that prove?’ and in fact, you would be correct. I mean you might be impressed if I was to tell you that overall he has 7 platinum albums, meanwhile being voted one of the ‘TIME’S’ most influential people in 2015, while also being the founder of G.O.O.D music, the label that has brought you music by Pusha T and John Legend, and how can I forget that even before we all knew him as the rapper Kanye, he was responsible for producing more than 40% of Jay-Z’s ‘The blueprint’ and this is just the overall stuff.


So, for all you people that want to know a bit more about his musical advancements let’s get technical. ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Kanye’s 5th studio album has 13 songs in it and boasts 1 hour and 8 minutes whereas, his 1st album the college dropout has 21 but lasts 1 hour and 16. This jump, both small and large at the same time, is explained through Kanye’s relationship with music. He is constantly changing the way he makes music and the way we think we are supposed to listen to music. Kanye pushes boundaries in music which is one of the things that makes him so unique because no one else could and not be ridiculed. Sticking to one example is his song ‘Runaway’. It is a perfect representation of experimenting with sounds, with the outro itself lasting around 4 minutes, with most of it just being his voice on a vocoder. Now tell me another artist that could do that and be praised for it.

Kanye West, in my opinion, is a force to be reckoned with, his albums alone are put in the all-time greatest lists and that’s even before we think about his innovation in fashion, his eye for finding talent. Desiigner’s ‘Panda’ being put in ‘The life of Pablo’ is one of the most recent examples. Everywhere you look Kanye is changing the game in the world of music not being limited to Hip-Hop and I don’t think he’s finished yet.

Whether you like the man or not, you must admit he has done big things for the rap scene. His style, his flow and his perseverance to win has shown us as a society that maybe we shouldn’t be overlooking these ‘Rap stars’ and instead be looking at the society that labels and confines them. He shows us time and time again that with some work and big dreams you can get anywhere. Go you, Kanye and get well soon!