Under The Surface: Rap Music

For any person with a phone a laptop or even just a social life at one point you would have heard some sort of rap music. Whether it was the classic stuff by the style of Nasir Jones or the more current work of Jermaine Cole, the release of rap music has always been consistent. It is however the opinion of the health and real social need of this genre of music that has sparked years of debate. In this blog-post I will attempt to shed light on this argument that has sparked controversy for decades.

Hip-Hop music whether you like it or not has had a hold on this generation in some form or another and has not always had the best reputation, this is for so many countless reasons. From the release of the song ‘F*** Tha Police’ By NWA in 1988 or the more recent ‘Radicals’ by Tyler The Creator in 2011, you can see a very Anti-Authoritative take on society, but if you decide to take a look closer you can actually begin to see something much more powerful under the surface.



Since the release of ‘rappers delight’ by the sugar hill gang in 1979 there has always been a backlash of negative connotations directed towards rap music, but once you start to do some research you actually start to see something very different, you start to see a light that was coming out of these impoverished areas, a grasp of hope in these oppressed cities that sparked a movement. Looking at the positivity that has come through hip hop you start to find countless examples of goodwill and selflessness cutting it down to one example and looking at the rapper Curtis Jackson better known as his stage name 50 cent and his creation of the G-Unity foundation that helps not so fortunate people living in America and helping them live a better life.



Now I’m not saying that every rapper is a beacon of light in this ever-darkening world but maybe we need to dig a little bit deeper before we come to any rash judgments. So, next time you see an article or hear a song by a Hip-Hop artist maybe give it a listen, who knows, you could be very surprised.