With freshers week drawing to a close here’s a round up of the 10 girls you met during freshers week…

1. I’m So Hipster It Hurts

Every uni has that group of girls who are ‘different’ to the crowd. Of course they are always the coolest people and interested in the most interesting things. Anti mainstream and anything else that everyone else likes.



2. You Can’t Sit With Us

The group of ‘it’ girls that become best friends in a few days. What they say goes, you defo do not want to cross them.


3. So So Scandalous

The group of unattractive but ‘prestige’ girls that won’t talk to you unless gym, drive and are buying their drinks for the night.



4. Miss University 2015/16

That worldie ! She’s so beautiful it actually makes you emotional, like tears in your eyes. Automatically writing yourself off you start to doubt your whole being. 

5. The Ultimate Slag

6. Yeah I’m Dropping Out Soon

Moved accommodation twice, changed courses, and broken up with her boyfriend from home. Won’t make it to Christmas.


7. ‘Know It All Local’

The local lass who has an opinion on all of your choices. In her eyes every bar pub or club you go to is dead. You’re simply doing her city wrong!


8. Daddy Bought It For Me

Private school, LV bag, cook book. Yes here we have the daddy bought it for me girls, very nice, but never lifted a thing in their life. Reality check pending.48152612

9. Drunk From Freedom

That one girl thats super excited about everything. Whether it’s walking to lectures, getting home in the early hours of the morning or deciding what to eat for dinner our girl is so overwhelmed by the freedom of uni, and it just makes her happy. 57908145

10. Sports Girls

Sponsored by Nike, always on the way to or just coming from the gym and in every sports team & society going.


10. Mature Student

The mature know it all that doesn’t want her age to disrupt her uni experience, but will let you know how old she is at every given opportunity. ]