It was inevitable that this topic would smother the internet following the big announcement last Tuesday, and I have purposely waited almost a week after the event to weigh in my opinion. Why? Because I wanted to  let the tears cease, the disbelief settle, and gather my thoughts on Donald Trump’s shocking victory. So here it is..

Donald Trump, a man who has absolutely no political background, has made his way into the White House. But exactly how has this been done and how has Hillary Clinton been robbed of her dream to be the first US female president? Both campaigns were fought hard and powerfully, however, there is no argument as to who utilized the power of the media more than the other; The 45th President-Elect, Donald Trump.

After hearing Trumps victory speech on the 9th, I feel like he has exposed himself as something other than the racist, woman hating, discriminating, orange-faced clown we are used to seeing. The reason I make these hopeful observations is due to  a single sentence Trump said during his speech: Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. I mean that sincerely”.

Now we should remember that Hillary is a woman Trump has ridiculed, slandered and threatened to put in prison. Yet as soon as he was elected on that fateful night, he now becomes grateful for her service to the country? Erm what?

The most  interesting part is not the sincerity in which he speaks, but the question as to why all of a sudden he has become so mellow. I think we all expected that if Trump won, he would love nothing more than to rub it into Clintons face in the same boisterous manner he has delivered every other speech; but this was not the case.

So why the sudden change of personal ‘charm’? Its easy – Trump has got exactly what he wants. He has won, the fight is over. He no longer needs to make fun of his opposition, issue outrageous comments or make hideously rude remarks about his opponents. He did those for a reason – because it got the media’s attention better than any PR strategy ever could have. Donald Trump won this election by shocking us all. He got our attention, he got his opponents attention and he had the media in the palm of his hand. Every news outlet across the world provided the biggest stage for him to perform on; Clinton had no chance.

For me, Trump won via both the worst and easiest way to ever win anything; by default. He was lucky in the fact that his opposition was almost as unpopular as him. Let’s not forget that the Clinton family are infamous riddled with conspiracy, which Trump used to his full advantage. This election was more about who could shock the public more, rather than who could help them. Just like what many Americans said; the decision was based on choosing the lesser of two evils. Now unfortunately my little opinion means absolutely nothing to the US electorate; however for me, Bernie Sanders was the only real opponent that could have challenged Trump. I strongly believe he would have won, and America would not be in this maniacally uneasy situation that they have with Donald Trump at the helm. But hey, what do I know.

I am not justifying or approving the vile notions that Trump suggested during his tumultuous campaign, far from it. I do believe however that it was mostly an elaborate, well planned show. A show which has now, thankfully, came to an end.

His first speech as President-Elect indicated a side of Trump that I dearly hope continues to show through as he enters his four-years as President of the United States. Although, maybe I’m just naive. 

Tom Talks