Don’t Waste Your Pretty !

It’s become a tradition between me and my mum, that whenever I get my ‘oh so perfect’ exam results my mum always reads my grades and says ‘ oh well done, not just a pretty face then are you!’. My GCSE’s, A level’s and I know very soon my Degree! And each time I always ask myself ‘what does a smart person looks like’. I’m from Essex, so wherever I go I’m unfortunately stereotyped as ‘stupid’ , ‘dumb’ and ‘lacking common sense’. Well, If I tell you that is far from me, love.

My purpose in writing this is to offer  three ways to not waste your pretty! By ‘wasting your pretty’ I’m pretty much referring to JUST being a pretty face. This might seem like a post angled at just girls, but trust me,  boys can waste their pretty too! Be tall dark and handsome and then SOME!

1.I talk like this cause I can back it up!

I read , write and TALK! I love a cheeky chat and a intellectual debate. Believe it or not I talk sense *flicks hair*! Be smart, the key to talking sense is simple! Just talk about what you KNOW (ie what you study in Uni or what you are interested in).  Don’t just be someone who hasn’t got something ‘smart’ to say. Have substance! Trust me you can have it all, Be a real triple threat! Beauty , Booty (optional) and BRAINS.

2.Wait, let me fix my hair!

I’m sure every girl carries at least a comb or a brush in their bag (both for me). I definitely care about my image to a certain extent, but I can’t promise if you see me I’ll be looking picture perfect. That’s OK,  cause there is much more to me than my outwards appearance. Have more depth to you than the roots of your hair! Think about the way people may describe you or have described you to other people. Make being pretty one of your many attributes as well as loads more wonderful adjectives!

3.NOT just pretty on fleek!

Grades, Job, Money on fleek! Do something and do it well. Study hard, count them coins and grind hard! Ladies don’t let the hardest part of your day be trying to get your eyebrows on point. Have a few zero’s to back yourself up. Keep EVERYTHING fleeky! Not just your face!

– Lioness