Tion Wayne 'Wayne's World 2' Review (Mixtape)
Overal Impact

Wayne’s World 2  in one word:


The combination of songs just flow together making you  zone out. Perfect for travelling and car journeys!

My favourite lyric:

” I’m one step away from the music, but I’m only one step away from a shooting”

I think it speaks for itself. Wayne’s World 2  opened my eyes to  a different side of Tion Wayne.

My favourite Track:

‘Letter to my supporters’

I loved this song from the first time round I heard the tape. There is no doubt that Tion Wayne appreciates his fan love! He shares real life stories and speaks from his heart.

North London rapper Tion Wayne welcomes us into his world with his latest mixtape, Wayne’s World 2! #WW2

Currently number 3 in the iTunes hip hop chart and number 15 in the iTunes chart.

The 14 track mixtape gives listeners an insight into Tion Waynes world, his life away from the Girls and the influence of money. He raps about his school, home and street life, explaining how he hasn’t always had it easy. Wayne’s World 2 includes popular tracks like Me or the Lifestyle, the long awaited Bad B (featuring One Acen) and Doing OK featuring the hook master Afro B! The tape also includes features from  Moelogo,  Shauna Shadae, Santan Dave, Scorcher,  Shaq, Turner and Desire Massera.

We saw Tion Wayne play live in Leeds

Tion Wayne shares his hopes that Wayne’s World 2, “allows my fans to get to know more about my life, my personality and musical versatility”. He wanted his everyday life, positives and negatives, to be expressed throughout the tape. He mentions track 14, Letters to supporters, as his favourite from the mixtape stating it helped him, “to reflect and appreciate his journey” from where he used to be to where he is now.

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Check out the visuals for ‘Me or the lifestyle’